GM (NYSE:GM) aims to bring Alexa Digital Assistance to all new and some 2018 Vehicles

GM (NYSE:GM) announced to enable popular Amazon Alexa Digital Assistance in all new vehicles and for the owners of 2018 models.

GM (NYSE:GM) looking forward to bring the popular Amazon Alexa Digital Assistance software next year on all new vehicles and few from old models. Voice technology Alexa will help in streaming media, control navigations and phone while driving. The new operating system will be available for US owners of 2018 GM Vehicles. GM’s agreement with Amazon will give Alexa software access to millions of vehicles and will expand Alexa Franchise business.

The move is related to GM embracing the widely used industry brands instead of trying to develop own infotainment technology as most of the owners stayed loyal to the widely used Alexa, Google Voice or Apple Inc’s Siri. While earlier GM announced the plans to embed the dashboards with the Google technology in the vehicles that are sold outside China by 2021.

GM Vice President for Global Connected services Santiago Chamorro said that customers will be allowed to choose between voice controlling technologies of Alexa, Google or any app embedded in owner’s smartphone. While Amazon also indicated that they believe in the future in which customers has the options to choose what’s best for them. Santiago Chamoro said, “This brings the best of two fantastic companies.” He further added that GM listened to the customers’ sentiment, “We have listened to our customers and their insights are clear, they want to carry those ecosystems into their vehicles.”

The company informed that their 2018 owners will be able to install Alexa software in their vehicles by first half of 2020. Santiago Chamorro commented related to customers in China, “Our solution for China is particular to China.” He also said they are working on it and may update the Chinese owners soon.

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