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Zuhaib Qureshi of Muzaffarnagar is ranked sixth in the IES, all-round praise

When you walk from the famous Meenakshi Chowk in Muzaffarnagar towards the Shamli bus stand, about 100 meters ahead of the historic Shaheed Chowk, the second most popular place here is ‘Bashir Tehri’. In front of this special point of Khalapar, a star is shining brightly in another street inside a street with dozens of clothes shops. Smart-looking here, Zuhaib Qureshi has deep satisfaction and tremendous speed. There is a festive atmosphere in Zuhaib’s house. His mother Shaheen forgets to talk about what she was saying! Father Irshad talks less and makes the eyes more wet! The reason for this is to bring the sixth rank of this house boy in IES, the biggest service of engineering.

There is an atmosphere of celebration in the whole house. Incidentally, the locality of Muzaffarnagar in which he lives is named Khalapar and the media has made a very bad image of the area. There is a belief of a certain group that there is a mob of criminals in this area. It is a very sensitive area, while looking here it does not seem so. The whole locality is happy with Juhaib’s success. Standing outside the street, Rashid Khan is inspiring his nephew to become like Zuhaib. Zuhaib’s Ammi has become Eid on the first day of Ramadan for Shaheen. Juhaib’s brother Junaid speaks in English and tries to explain that he is raised differently by his Ammi Abbu.

Zuhaib Qureshi’s father is associated with the business of junk. Most of the Quraishi people around here trade meat and they also have a lot of money but no one can see the status like Juhaib anymore. They are constantly getting compliments. The local Dilshad wrestler, who went to meet Zuhaib, says with Jindadili that success says it, the boy has become a star. He kept reading quietly and a result made a noise.

Juhaib has secured the sixth rank in the IES exam which was attended by about 10 lakh candidates and he is among the 41 selected (mechanical) participants. In recent times, some of the top services in India from Muzaffarnagar and Bijnor have yielded very pleasant results. Just like Shaad Mian Khan of Bijnor came in the Civil Services 25th rank in 2018, Junaid of Nagina was ranked third in the IAS. Recently, Mohammad Tabish of Muzaffarnagar was also shocked by getting the third rank in AIIMS and second in PGI Chandigarh. These successes of the youth of Bijnor and Muzaffarnagar in these years are very important in this top examination of the country.

Zuhaib is very happy with this and he says that I always thought that he has a scientific temperament and now he will use it to strengthen the country. Zuhaib has already achieved this success in the first attempt and after being an early student of Hindi medium, he tries very hard to tell the story of catching in English. In the first attempt, Zuhaib, who achieved this success, also tells the amazing story of the strategy of his studies. (Mechanical), they researched why the participants could not get success even after all the hard work! This made him understand that his companions get entangled in difficult questions. One such subject is ‘Mechronics’, which produces a lot of nuisance. I achieved most mastery in mechanics. I made a strategy to solve the most difficult one first! This has brought me many benefits ”. Zuhaib tells a funny thing, he says that engineering is his passion, when he used to watch a fan while in childhood, he wondered why it rotates! Zuhaib has already been selected in ISRO.

Zuhaib’s Ammi Shaheen wants Zuhaib to contribute to his country’s progress. She says that I have prayed a lot to Allah. It was very sad on the result day. Silent sitting, looking at the phone. I snatched the phone from it and then shouted that Ammi has come to my All India Sixth rank. I cried! Our world has changed since that day. Now they have become special. Big people are giving congratulations. Zuhaib has passed many big exams before but he had the insistence of IES which he has completed. May Allah be kind to him!

In the recently released Engineering Services Examination, 302 participants have been selected. In this, only 38 participants have been successful in the Mechanical Engineering section. Jamia Milia Islamia’s contribution to Juhaib’s success. Zuhaib Qureshi did his engineering studies from there. Asif Rahi, a social worker from Muzaffarnagar, says that the area and community from which Zuhaib comes is less interested in studies and obviously his success is very big and this will give a lot of inspiration to the youth.

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