Lupin Season 3 Under Production: Can You Expect It At The End Of 2021?

Lupin Season 3 Plot

The television series that created a buzz in a short time on Netflix is Lupin. This French mystical television series premiered on Netflix on 8 January 2021. The drama was created by George Kay. The first five episodes of Lupin were released in January 2021 and the next five were released on 11 June 2021. Soon after the release of Lupin season, 2 Netflix assured the renewal of Lupin for the third time.

What do we know about Lupin?

The series is French-based and it was viewed by more than 70 million people all around the world in the very first month. And it became the most-watched non-English drama on Netflix. The story is based on the professional thief Assane Diop who shifted to French for a better life for his child. Assane’s father was caught for the theft and he hung himself in prison, living with, Assane an orphan. After 25 years he decided to take revenge on those who unnecessarily alleged his father. He wants to expose them all.

After the successful second season, the creators are working on season 3. There is no official date for the release of Lupin Season 3. But the series creators said that there will be another part and you can expect a new season in 2022. The success of season one makes them confident about further parts and creators have mentioned that they have a storyline with them. If everything went well we can expect part 3 in 2022.

When is the Lupin Season 3 trailer out?

Filming of part 3 is soon to begin, so it will be a few months before we get our first teaser. We will update our page once official information is out. In the meantime, you can enjoy various videos related to Lupin on Youtube. It will give you insights into the drama.


You can watch all the episodes on Netflix. Kay said that part three will be different from all. We can expect a new storyline in part 3. So obviously there will be new characters but the regular cast will be retained. Earlier the story was more focused on Babaker Assane’s late beloved father but now the focus will be on different characters. We all have to wait for the final updates. If you haven’t watched previous seasons then watch it right now.