My Husband Won’t Fit: Trailer, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

My Husband Wont Fit
My Husband Won’t Fit: Trailer, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

All J-Drama lovers are excitedly anticipating the release of the new drama My Husband Won’t Fit and see the duo, Natsumi Ishibashi and Aoi Nakamura, feature in the Japanese-language TV series. The story follows Kumiko (Natsumi Ishibashi) and Kenichi (Aoi Nakamura), who meet in college and fall in love. They later learn that they are physically incompatible, and complications arise as a result of a botched marriage.

Is My Husband Won’t Fit inspired by a true story?

My Husband Won’t Fit is, in fact, based on a genuine story. It’s an adaptation of author Kodama’s work Otto No Chinpo ga Hairanai, which can be loosely translated into English as My Husband’s Dick Doesn’t Fit. The work is an autobiography of the author, recounting her experiences as a young lady and wife who struggles to consummate her marriage due to her inability to do so.

My Husband Won't Fit

Kumiko, who suffers from vaginismus, is a character who is based on the author. It’s a rare and severe medical problem in Kumiko’s case. When a woman’s vaginal penetration is attempted during intercourse, she suffers from involuntary muscle spasms as a result of the disorder (or in general). Behaviour therapy, such as graded exposure therapy, can be used to treat it.

The ailment is uncommon and has a stigma associated with it. It can also result in significant mental and/or emotional anguish. Throughout the series, the effects of vaginismus are examined in depth. The series offers a thorough analysis of the benefits of a married couple’s mental, emotional, and physical compatibility, despite the provocative title. It also covers the repercussions of a lack of physical intimacy in a marriage. Kumiko’s hesitation to consult a gynaecologist exemplifies the stigma associated with the sickness.

My Husband Won't Fit

However, because the play (and novel) is based on the author’s real-life experiences, some elements have been exaggerated. The series, on the other hand, not only keeps true to the emotional value of the story but also correctly depicts the consequences of vaginismus. Finally, ‘My Husband Won’t Fit’ is a fictionalised version of a genuine storey that sheds light on a little-known medical condition while also addressing key real-life issues that married couples face.

Watch the trailer here

My Husbands Won't Fit - Season 1 Trailer (English)

Where to watch

The series was first released in 2019 and was aired on Fuji TV. but now it can be seen on Netflix and has even become top-notch in many countries.

Don’t get too enthusiastic if you’re wondering how hot and heavy My Husband Won’t Fit gets. Although the series has a dirty name, it only contains fleeting glimpses of nudity, such as breasts and a scene in which a man and woman watch pornography with blurred oral sex.

While the series is about Kumiko and Kenichi’s attempts to overcome their sexual frustrations, there aren’t many scenes depicting their unsatisfactory sex. But don’t mistake it for family entertainment; after all, it’s rated TV-MA.

There are ten episodes in the first season of My Husband Won’t Fit.