Redd Zone: Release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

Redd Zone
Redd Zone: Release date, cast, plot and more

It won’t be wrong to say that streaming giant Netflix must have become your go-to destination whenever you are looking for some good entertainment and a full dose of quality content.

This is why, one day after the other, there’s always something new making its way to Netflix. The latest addition is a sports drama, Redd Zone, which is all set to debut on Netflix.

People who are avid watchers of the streaming platform would know that sports dramas and Netflix boast of a long connection, however, many of the Netflix originals are focused on documentaries or docuseries like the newly released second season of Cheer and 2021’s Naomi Osaka, to name a few.

Redd Zone, by Emmy-nominated screenwriter Kristin Layne and Oscar-winning director Matthew A. Cherry, is a film focused on found family in the aftermath of a tragedy that a football team suffers.

As far as the roles are concerned, Jada Pinkett Smith has been roped in to play the lead. She, along with Miguel Melendez and Co-President and Head of Motion Pictures for Westbrook studios Jon Mone, will produce. The executive producers are Howard Burkons and Brandon Magee.

If the story already interests you, here is all we know about Redd Zone so far.

Redd Zone

Redd Zone Release Date

It might be too soon to predict a release date for Redd Zone as the film was just recently announced and is currently under works. That said, there are chances that it might drop by the end of this year. Not that we are ruling out a 2023 release.

Redd Zone Cast

As of now, only Pinkett-Smith has been cast. She will be playing the lead, Tia Magee and the heart of the story.

Redd Zone Plot

As per reports, Redd Zone follows Tia Magee (Smith), a single mother who steps forward to help her sons and their high school football teammates, “The Bros,” come out of trauma after the murder of their best friend, Dominic Redd. And within some time, The Bros start moving into her house, one by one, and soon not less than 17 are living under her roof. Eventually, all The Bros go to college, with four making it to the NFL.

Is Redd Zone inspired by a true story?

Indeed, it is. The story is based on Dominic Redd who was killed when he was 15. Reports suggest Redd was stabbed to death by three Latinx teenagers who made derogatory statements toward him prior to the fatal argument. Redd Zone is dedicated to him and the devastated people he left behind.