Gentefied Season 3 CANCELLED; Know the reason and what the fans have to say

Gentefied Season 3
Gentefied Season 3: Know why the series is cancelled

Netflix is a viewer’s paradise. From edge-of-your-seat thrillers to comedy series that will make you slap your knee; the streaming giant has something for everyone. However, not every series that drop on the platform is a hit. Some come and go by unnoticed or simply leave with not-so-much love. A case in point is Gentefied. The series hit Netflix in February 2020 and later on was renewed for a Season 2 that landed in November 2021.

However, the comedy-drama failed to leave a mark among the audience. A proof of this is that the first season didn’t even break into the IMDb top 100 when it was first released in February 2020. Season 1 reached position 118 on IMDb while season 2 only achieved the high of 349 one week after release.

However, this doesn’t mean Gentefied was a complete dud. It did manage to spend 9 days in the TV top 10s in the United States. But this wasn’t enough, not that it should have been, to convince the makers for Gentefied Season 3 as nothing seems to have worked in its favour.

Gentefied Season 3

Gentefied Season 3 Cancelled

Gentefied Season 3 isn’t returning. It’s not us but Netflix who is saying this. If you have been a fan of the series, or even liked it at some point, you may feel bad, if not disappointed.

Deadline reported the news first and it didn’t come as a shocker to those who were already disappointed by Gentefied Season 3 and were anticipating the news.

However, it’s not the first Latino show to have struggled on Netflix. One Day at a Time was cancelled under similar circumstances.

Netflix viewers would know that this is the first major public cancellation of the year as the streaming giant is not a fan of announcing cancellations publicly and for all the right reasons – it will instantly put off many.

Gentefied Season 3

Was Gentefied Season 2 at all needed?

While it may upset the fans of the series, a Season 2 wasn’t needed so to say. And it’s not us but the views on the trailer of Gentefied Season 2 that are pointing toward that. That said, Netflix might have made the right decision, if not the best, to cancel Gentefied Season 3.

Fan reaction on cancellation of Gentefied Season 3

While many must be unaffected by the news, some are upset and have taken to social media to express their feelings for a show that is now history, or at least, a new season of it is.

Gentefied Season 3

One Instagram comment on the official Gentefield page says:

“We need a season 3 please. This show truly represents us Latinos. The cast was wonderful and you fall in love with each and everyone, especially Pop!!! It talked about our struggles and being children of immigrants really hit home. Thank you for being our voice”

“Please save #gentefied!! This is a wonderful show with wonderful actors! So relatable and thought provoking! It was a very hot topic and way to discuss so many issues with my clients for therapy as well,” another comment reads.

A third one said, “Bring the show back! Netflix needs to do better for us!”

Not many associated with the show have commented on the cancellation, however, no matter if the actors express their feelings or not, the fate of the show has already been decided, it seems.