Sex Education Season 4: Why the filming of the series has been delayed?

Sex Education Season 4

Many suspected that the fourth season of the Netflix series will return to its previous seasons 1 and 2 release schedule after Sex Education season 3 ended on a rather significant cliffhanger and was shortly confirmed for a season 4.

However, if you were looking for Sex Education Season 4 to help you get through the January blues, you’ll be disappointed because the new episodes are not set to air until January 2022.

Sex Education Season 3 began on September 17, and only a week and a day later, on September 25, Netflix revealed to viewers via a short video that the popular original series has been renewed for a fourth season.

Sex Education Season 4

Why is Sex Education Season 4 filming delayed?

We’re all aware that Season 4 of Netflix’s series has been postponed owing to the global epidemic. The cause for the delay in Sex Education Season 4 is different from those of the previous series. Filming for Sex Education Season 4 has been postponed due to the fact that the makers are currently hiring new actors and for other reasons that are yet to be revealed.

In November 2021, Casting Director Lauren Evans issued a casting call for Sex Education Season 4. Lauren Evans remarked in an interview with, “We wanted to find an eclectic ensemble that felt fresh and diverse. The auditions were fantastic. The auditions were fantastic. I would laugh all day even after reading the same scene multiple times, and I resigned myself to covering my face with the script. This was definitely the case with Connor Swindells’ audition for Adam. I had met Connor when I auditioned him a few years prior and really liked him but had never seen him do comedy. He was the first person I taped for this role, and it was one of the best tapes I have ever done.”

Sex Education Season 4

The Netflix series concluded its third season with some unsolved secrets, and the fourth season will have two additions as the protagonists near the end of their education. Abbi and Kent are the names of the two newcomers.

Abbi is defined as a young trans woman with a strong personality “She has a 90s Winona Ryder feel and is secure in her gender identification. Abbi is the group’s leader and the college’s queen bee “. The rest of the cast is anticipated to return in Sex Education Season 4.

When can we expect Season 4 on Netflix?

At the utmost, the series may return in September 2022, although that seems doubtful given that filming is set to take place between April and November 2022, according to insiders.

If we’re being honest, the series will most likely return in 2023, allowing the production crew enough time to put together a pleasant viewing.

While we wait for further information on the ground-breaking high school drama, make sure you’re caught up on all three seasons of Sex Education, which are all available to view on Netflix!