Are we getting Sweet Home Season 2? Find details INSIDE

Sweet Home
Courtesy: Netflix

What is scarier than a monster? Zombies, serial killers, or pandemics? No, it’s human desires it is. If you don’t get it, we can guarantee you haven’t watched the K-drama Sweet Home on Netflix yet. The apocalyptic series showcases the struggle of a teenager, Cha Hyun Soo, and his neighbors to hold onto their humanity while the world around them turns into deadly monsters who are victims of their desires.

The story is intriguing, scary, and relatable, in the sense that all of us, at some point in our lives, have become victims of our desires. While some of the monsters in their K-drama might not seem real to you and may give you an animated feel, the victory of the makers lies in pulling off a story that is unrealistically real.

While the series was released in 2020 on Netflix, its charm is still on, even after a year and more. So much so, that its sequel is highly anticipated. So, if you, too, are from the gang who is waiting for Sweet Home Season 2, here are all the details.

Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date

Is Sweet Home Season 2 in the making?

Last year, several reports stated that the production of Sweet Home Season 2 will begin in December 2021, however, Netflix denied the rumors. And amid the floating discussions on the renewal of Sweet Home, we can’t say much at the moment given that Netflix has already dismissed the rumors. However, keeping in mind that Season 1 ended on cliffhangers with a lot still left to be explored and disclosed, and, of course, all the craze for the series, there are chances that the reports might be true and we might see Season 2 soon, or, at least, get some confirmation on it.

If this makes you feel disappointed, already, fret not, watch Sweet Home’s trailer, and who knows you might feel like watching the series all over again, one more time.

Sweet Home | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date

As aforementioned, in the absence of any official confirmation, it will be too early to predict a release date for Sweet Home 2. So, we need to wait and see the future of the series and how things unfold.

Sweet Home Season 2 Cast

The rumors are afloat that Season 2 might see a new entry in the face of Oh Jung Se who may join the main cast of Sweet Home 2. However, his agency has denied the rumors. Apart from that, it’s also expected that Song Kang, who played Cha Hyun Soo, might reprise his role in Season 2. If that happens, it is a bonus for Kang’s fans who can never feel too much of his screen presence.

That said, it’s time to hold our breaths and wait for an official confirmation or an official full and final dismissal of Sweet Home 2.