When is The Bold Type Season 5 coming on Netflix?

The Bold Type Season 5 Netflix Release Date

“We should be taking in every experience. We should be living our lives, taking risks, and, you know, putting ourselves out there,” if you are a fan of binge-watching web series you might know the face behind this powerful quote.

Yes, it’s Jane, the bold and fearless girl you love watching in The Bold Type.

After The Bold Type Season 4 the viewers were curious about the next season and of course, what’s happening in the New York Magazine, Scarlet. The American Drama television series is directed by Sarah Watson was renewed with Season 5.

So, if you want to know more, here you will find all the answers about The Bold Type Season 5.

The Bold Type Season 5 Netflix Release Date

When is The Bold Type Season 5 coming on Netflix?

The viewers are waiting for the show on Netflix. The show will be streaming on the OTT platform soon. However, the information about The Bold Type Season 5 Netflix release date has not been revealed yet. As the second season of the show was first dropped on Amazon Prime Video UK and then streamed on Netflix, we can assume the same format for The Bold Type Season 5 by the end of the summer. Currently, The Bold Type is streaming on Netflix with four seasons.

The Bold Type Season 5 is streaming on Freeform.

Who will be seen in The Bold Type Season 5?

The show revolves around the Trio, Jane Sloan portrayed by Katie Stevens, Kat Edison portrayed by Aisha Dee, Sutton Brady-Hunter portrayed by Meghann Fahy who will be the main casting like all the seasons of the show. You will also see Sam Page as Richard Hunter, Stephen Conrad Moore as Oliver Grayson, Melora Hardin as Jacqueline Carlyle, Matt Ward as Alex Crawford, and Nikohl Boosheri as Adena El-Admin.

The Bold Type Season 5 Netflix Release Date

What happens in The Bold Type Season 5?

As the show revolves around the Trio, Jane, Kat, and Sutton. We can expect a lot of drama concerning their lives. If we go back to season 4, Sutton’s husband Richard walked away from their marriage when she disclosed she didn’t want children. So the season revisits the couple issues.

Kat ended up with her conservative girlfriend Eva. There’s a lot more in her love life with Adena (Nikohl Boosheri). Boosheri also told Digital Spy about how she was pleased with the ending of the show during. “I was really surprised and pleased [it was ending] because the show had kind of gotten shut down due to COVID last year, right? Just the fact that everyone came together to wrap this up in a way that made sense and that fans would be happy with, as well as considering the circumstances we’re under – I feel so lucky to have been through that,” she said.

Lastly, we saw that Jane challenged Jacqueline about her decision about leaving the company she has been working for a long time. Jane was also trying to distract her feeling he started having with one of her colleagues.

The Bold Type Season 5 Netflix Release Date
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How many episodes are there in The Bold Type Season 5?

The previous seasons consist of 10-16 episodes per season. But this time, The Bold Type Season 5 only has 6 episodes as the season was filmed during the pandemic.

The Bold Type Season 5 Finale Trailer

If you have already watched the story, you can have a walk down the memory lane by rewatching the trailer of the finale episode, if you haven’t yet and are waiting for the series to stream on Netflix, maybe you can give it a skip to net get any kind of spoilers.

Watch the trailer of the finale episode of The Bold Type Season 5 here.

The Bold Type Season 5 Finale | Is Pinstripe Back? | Freeform

Will there be The Bold Type Season 6?

Sadly, The Bold Type Season 5 is the last chapter of the series, as per reports. As the show is streaming on Freeform, the show was given good approval. But after getting the announcement from the network it was confirmed that the show will not come with another season. No such official reason was given by the network but it is assumed that the show should end in a natural way. It is also assumed that the show ratings were also declined during season 4, the season got a 32% decline as compared to the third season, according to CheatSheet.

Actors’ reaction to the ending

The actors in a conversation with TVInsider shared their experiences, memories from the show and also reacted to the show’s ending before the finale episode of The Bold Type Season 5. Here is how the cast reacted.

The Bold Type Season 5 Netflix Release Date

Katie Stevens expressed herself on Jane’s ending in the show. She said, “All I will say is that I think Jane ends up exactly where she was always meant to end up and that I think that all of the girls end up in those same places for them. I’m really happy with where the writers have taken these stories and where we’ve left these girls. I think that in a really beautiful way we leave it so that fans can daydream about what happens after that final scene closes.”

Aisha Dee on Kat’s ending expressed, “I was totally surprised. I didn’t really believe it at first, but it does feel very right to me and it does make me very happy. I really hope that for fans of the show, it feels like a satisfying end for them as well. It definitely felt like that for me.”

Aisha Dee who played Kat in the show expressed her memories from the first season and how much she was excited to shoot in New York and also mentioned her hard-working crew.

“I remember in the first season, I said to our creators, ‘Just so you know, I don’t do cardio. So none of that.’ And I think every episode they had me running to Adena or doing a spin class or running through Central Park. It was a lot of cardio, and I actually really kind of loved those moments. I think one of the big highlights for me was anytime we got to film in New York because it always kind of felt like the circus was going to New York. And then I think we were really lucky our producers worked really hard [so] we would wrap the series with a scene where everyone was there and it was a big party and our entire crew was there and it was a really special moment, ending it all.”

Meghann Fahy on Sutton’s ending expressed that her character was genuine and she feels that fans will be happy with Sutton’s ending in the show, “Ultimately the way that it ends up [for Sutton and Richard] is something that really honors both of the characters in a way that feels authentic. … I feel really proud of where [Sutton] ends up. I feel great about where Sutton ends up as a person in the world and the way that she wants to be represented in her career and how passionate she has been about that. So I think the fans will be happy with it too.”