All of Us Are Dead: A look at the main cast’s journey to stardom

All of Us Are Dead Actors
Credits: NETFLIX

Following in the footsteps of Squid Game, Hellbound, and The Silent Sea, Netflix’s latest Korean genre show, All of Us Are Dead, puts a nasty high-school spin on zombie fare like Kingdom and Train To Busan.

It is a coming of age, horror-thriller, about students trapped in the school due to a zombie virus breakout. They must make it out alive without being caught by the dozens of zombies surrounding them. The success of the show ended up becoming the breakout role for the young actors involved in it.

Here we are discussing the actors who rose to fame after the release of the drama and their previous works that one must check out.

Park Solomon

All of Us Are Dead Actors

Park Solomon, also known by his stage name, Lomon, is a 22-year-old South-Korean-Uzbek actor and model. He played the role of charming and brave Lee Suhyoek in All of Us Are Dead and garnered fame and gained over 1 million followers on Instagram overnight.

He made his debut in 2014 as a child actor and finally bagged his first leading role in the drama Sweet Revenge, Shin Jihoon.

Sweet Revenge is a fantasy thriller where a girl is trying to get over a terrible breakup and ends up coming across a dangerous mobile application that helps her seek revenge on people. The entire series is available on YouTube for anyone to watch.

Again in 2019, he bagged another lead role in the drama, Lookism, it depicts the narrative of Wen Shuai, an ‘ugly’ boy who, after being bullied at his previous school, musters the bravery to transfer. He suddenly realizes that he has two distinct bodies. One is his natural unattractive figure, while the other is attractive.

Park Ji-hu

All of Us Are Dead Actors

A lot of international fans may know the 18-year-old actress Nam On-Jo from All of Us Are Dead but even before the Netflix series, Ji-hu gained fame in South Korea for her leading role in the critically acclaimed 2018 film, House of Hummingbird.

House of Hummingbird is a drama film written and directed by Kim Bora. It is about a 14-year old girl in Seoul, who wanders in the city in search of love after the Seongsu Bridge collapse incident in 1994. The movie has overall won 59 awards and a beautiful portray of Park’s acting skills and potential from a young age.


As of 2021, she is also filming a star-studded film, Concrete Utopia, starring alongside Lee Byoung-hun Park Bo-young and Park Seo-joon. It is an upcoming South Korean disaster-thriller film directed by Um Tae-hwa. Fans can’t wait to see more of her after such splendid performances.

Yoon Chang-young

All of Us Are Dead Actors

You will be lying if you did not shed tears when Cheon-san hugged On-Jo goodbye and ran and screamed “Today I am the happiest person in this high school!” to distract the zombies to save his friends.

20-year-old Yoon has starred in many critically acclaimed dramas and movies since childhood, but one of his most memorable roles as a leading man has to be in 2019’s mini-series, Everything, and Nothing. The drama deals with the pain of young adults who are just left alone to figure out their lives under painful circumstances.

His other notable works include The Fault is Not Yours, Mothers and Light for the Youth.

 Cho Yi-hyun

All of Us Are Dead Actors

Cho definitely won our hearts as selfless class president, Nam-ra, in All of Us Are Dead who finally decided to live a life away from her newly made friends, in the zombie-stricken city just to save them.

The 22-year-old made her acting debut in 2017 with, Witch’s Court, and since has been part of many successful dramas, including Less than Evil, Hospital Playlist, and How To Buy a Friend, to name a few.

One of her memorable roles as a leading lady is definitely as Jin Ji-won in School 2021, a recurring coming of age drama.

She has worked in different genres like romance, coming of age, medieval drama, and a horror-thriller, we can’t wait to see what more she has packed for us in the future.