20th Century Girl on Netflix: All you need to know about the K-drama

20th Century Girl

Korean or K-dramas are popular across the world, thanks in part to the growth of Korean popular culture (the “Korean Wave”) and their broad availability via streaming platforms that frequently include subtitles in several languages. Many K-dramas have been translated into other languages, and some have had a significant effect in foreign countries. Every K-drama has its own charm and hype. Even before a drama gets its official premier on Netflix, fans make sure to extract whatever information that is available on internet. The upcoming line up of K-dramas on Netflix is something all fans are looking forward towards.

20th Century Girl is one of a handful of verified South Korean films set to premiere on Netflix in 2022. Kim Yoo Jung, a well-known Korean actress, will make her Netflix debut in the romantic comedy. Everything you need to know about 20th Century Girl, including the narrative, actors and Netflix premiere date, will be available here.

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Bang Woo Ri wrote and directed the forthcoming South Korean Netflix Original romantic comedy film 20th Century Girl.

When will 20th Century Girl be available on Netflix?

Netflix is still yet to reveal an official release date for 20th Century Girl, but we do know that it will be released in 2022.

What’s the plotline behind 20th Century Girl?

Bo Ra, a 17-year-old high school senior, is a participant of her school’s broadcasting club and closest friends with Yeon Du. They go to the same high school, and the latter has a huge crush on Hyun Jin. Bo Ra is tasked by Yeon Du to learn everything she can about Hyun Jin, but as she observes him more carefully, she plunges in love with him.

20th Century Girl

Who makes up the cast of 20th Century Girl?

Only a minor portion of the cast for 20th Century Girl has been confirmed thus far. Only one of the six cast members has appeared in a Netflix Original, Park Jung Woo, who had guest appearances in Hospital Playlist and D.P.

Kim Yoo Jung, dubbed Korea’s Little Sister owing to her celebrity status, will make her Netflix debut in 20th Century Girl.

What is the current state of the production of 20th Century Girl?

Officially, the project is under post-production.

We know that 20th Century Girl was shot in late 2021, commencing on December 12 and ending several weeks later on January 21, 2022, owing to information contained on IMDb pro.