Riverdale Season 6: When is it coming to Netflix?

Riverdale Season 6

“Listen up fives, a ten is speaking.” Wish all of us could have this Cheryl Blossom level of self confidence or “You’ve ever seen what happens to a snake when a Louboutin heel steps on it? Keep talking and you’ll find out” this Veronica Lodge kind of attitude. But not everyone can be Cheryl or Veronica and not every place can be Riverdale. Riverdale is iconic.

A story filled with drama, suspense and romance, Riverdale can actually trigger anybody’s inner binge-watcher. And at multiple points one can relate to the story as well. Most of us know someone like Jughead Jones who is super versatile, can have a blasting party at night and can have a literary discussion with well-read people the next morning.

Here’s everything we know so far about Riverdale Season 6.

Riverdale Season 6

Where can one watch Riverdale Season 6?

Riverdale is available on Netflix. For those in the United States, Riverdale Season 5 and 6 aren’t available for them on Netflix yet. There is no announcement regarding when it will be released in the United States. They can watch it on The CW. American residents can expect it to hit Netflix somewhere in Summer 2022, few days after the finale episode airs on The CW. New episodes air on Tuesdays and get dropped on the streaming platform for all the regions outside US the very next day including Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, the United Kingdom, Latin America and Middle East. 

Riverdale Season 6 Trailer: Is there a trailer yet?

The trailer for Riverdale Season 6 was released back in October 2021. 

Riverdale Season 6 Trailer (HD) ft. Sabrina

Riverdale Season 6 Release Date 

Riverdale Season 6 has hit the screens back in November 2021 with a five episode event, and the episodes got released in the format of one episode a week. The season took a gap of a few months and will be coming back with the sixth episode on The CW on March 20, 2022. 

Riverdale Season 6 Cast

  • K.J. Apa as Archie Andrews
  • Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper
  • Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge
  • Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones
  • Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom
  • Casey Cott as Kevin Keller
  • Mädchen Amick as Alice Cooper
  • Vanessa Morgan as Toni Topaz
  • Charles Melton as Reggie Mantle
  • Drew Ray Tanner as Fangs Fogarty
  • Erinn Westbrook as Tabitha Tate
  • Chris O’Shea as Percival Picken

A Quick Recap of Riverdale Season 5

Riverdale Season 6

*Season 5 Spoilers Ahead*

After Veronica Lodge and Archie Andrews broke up again, seemingly for good this time, Archie decided to give it a go with Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart). Only just as they were about to finally confirm it, they heard a mysterious ticking noise: a bomb, left as a goodbye present from Hiram Lodge.

Meanwhile, Veronica went back to her ex-boyfriend Reggie Mantle (Charles Melton), and they came up with an idea to open up a casino in the back room of their burgeoning investment business. Pop’s Diner welcomed back Pop Tate (Alvin Sanders), who came out of retirement to help his granddaughter Tabitha Tate (Erinn Westbrook), Tabitha and Jughead made the big decision to move in together. 

Along with dating Tabitha, Jughead is also the editor of the school paper now. Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan) had a baby named Anthony (aka also Tony Topaz), while also running the South Side Serpents and working as a counselor at Riverdale High. Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) had discovered her ancestor was a witch, persecuted by the other townspeople of Riverdale and burned at the stake.