Theodosia: Release date, trailer, plot and cast

Theodosia Release Date
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Egypt, Valley of the Kings, ancient secrets, magic, artifacts, ancient mummies, tombs, and more. Did these words ring any bells? Who doesn’t get fascinated by the past and especially when it is so twisted and full of surprises like Egyptian history. Pondering on that specific portion of the world’s history takes us to endless possibilities, especially when there are such unexplainable evidences to back them up.

If all that made you dive into the sea of possibilities, HBO MAX is set to release a similar magical adventure, based on LaFevers’ children’s book series, Theodosia. The series follows a teenage girl, Theodosia who has a keen interest in ancient Egypt and artifacts. Adding to the saga is some magic to spice things up where Theo has the power to detect magic and manipulate it, as per her choices.

Theodosia Release Date

Theodosia Release Date

The magical ancient Egyptian adventure is all set to hit HBO MAX on March 10, 2022.

Theodosia Trailer

The trailer shows the timeline of the story which is set in early 1900s and follows the siblings Theodosia and Henry who have two Egyptologists as parents so the duo, too, found itself immersed in the saga of Ancient Egypt. The trailer takes us to the Valley of Kings in Egypt where the siblings duo find an ancient artifact called the Eye of Horus. There, Theo activated her powers to detect ancient curses and magic and use it according to her wishes.

However, the whole power unlocking scenario brought the kids and others around them in danger. And to curb the consequences, Theo and Henry, along with their friend Will, and Egyptian princess Safiya ventured to an ancient adventure full of magic, evil and darkness.

Theodosia Plot

The series follows 14-year-old Theodosia Throckmorton, who is referred to as Theo in the the series. Theo is gifted supernaturally in terms of detecting ancient curses. The series takes the viewers on an adventure as Theo, Will, Henry and Safiya navigate through trails of friendships, teenage and save the world while battling with dark forces, evil magic, and inter-worldly chaos. 

Theodosia Cast

  • Eloise Little as Theodosia
  • Frankie Minchella as Henry
  • Nana Agyeman-Bediako as Will
  • Yasmina El-Abd as Safiya
  • Rik Young as Alistair Throckmorton
  • Elisa Doughty as  Henrietta Throckmorton
  • Momo Yeung as  Miss Krait
  • Anthony J. Abraham as Artie
  • Charlie Cattrall as  Yaret the Chief Serpent
  • Olivia Barrowclough as Nigella
  • Nahid Leadar as  Queen Hatshepsut
  • Trine Thielen as  The Flautist
  • Barbara Hellemans as Living Mummy
  • Berthe Tanwo Njole as Florence
  • Manzul Tavrus as Aapep
  • Patrick Scott Jeffries as Dr. Thurber