As They Made Us: Release date, plot, cast and more about Mayim Bailik’s directorial debut

As they made us

“So your life is always like this emotions, intensity, you having to fix everything?”

A lot of older siblings can relate to it because somehow that responsibility to make everything right in the family ends up on their shoulders and Mayim Bailik has penned that down impeccably. Bailik, or better known as our beloved Amy Farah Fowler from the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, is all set to make her directorial as well as editorial debut with her upcoming film, As They Made Us, the trailer of which has been released recently.

The film is being produced by Jordan Beckerman, Ash Christian, Anne Clements, Michael Day, Mark Maxey and Jordan Yale Levine, along with the companies like Yale Productions, Rolling Pictures, Film Mode Entertainment and Screen Media Ventures.

Here is everything we know about As They Made Us so far:

As They Made Us
Credits: Quiver

As They Made Us Release Date

As They Made Us is all set to release in theaters and VOD by Quiver Distribution on April 8, 2022.

As They Made Us Trailer

The trailer gives a peek in the life of Abigail who’s trying her best to make everything right in her seemingly dysfunctional family. The trailer highlights the relationship between Abigail and her father, Eugene and the trust, warmth and sense of safety it comes with. 

AS THEY MADE US | Official Trailer

As They Made Us Plot 

Abigail is a single mother of two who is gradually moving on with her life along with her kids. But with that she wants to take care of her father Eugene who suffers from a degenerative disorder and he’s mentally prepared that he doesn’t have long to live. Whereas Abigail’s mother, Barbara is in a constant denial that her husband is genuinely sick and sabotages all efforts of Abigail to provide care for her father by repeatedly firing his caregivers.

Then comes Nathan, Abigail’s brother whose ties with the family has severed over time. Though we don’t know the exact reason of that, it can be somehow related to Barbara’s judgmental remarks. The film focuses on the last weeks of Eugene’s life and Abigail’s efforts to bring everyone closer to each other than ever before.

As They Made Us

As They Made Us Cast

  • Dianna Agron as Abigail, known for playing Quinn Fabray on the Fox series Glee.
  • Simon Helberg as Nathan, best known for playing Howard Wolowitz in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory.
  • Justin Chu Cary as Jay, previously starred in Netflix’s Black Summer.
  • Charlie Weber as Peter, starred in How to get away with Murder as Frank Delfino. 
  • Candice Bergen as Barbara, was last seen in The Conners.
  • Dustin Hoffman as Eugene, was last seen in the Italian thriller, Into the labyrinth.
  • Mellanie Hubert as Diana
  • Julian Gant as Darrin
  • Sweta Keswani as Dr. Patel
  • John Wollman as Dr. Ashkenazy