Moonshot: Release date, trailer, plot, cast and more


Traveling through the stars and galaxies for love is one of the most cliché things we hear every now and then from people who claim to be in love with someone. But what if it was actually possible?

HBO Max is coming up with Moonshot, interplanetary travel, which very much looks like a business class flight we have these days. It’s not some serious life-saving mission like in Interstellar, but a normal visit to one’s boyfriend. It’s just that he is living on Mars. Sounds pretty normal, right?

Directed by Christopher Winterbauer, the story is written by Max Taxe. The film has a long list of producers that includes Greg Berlanti, Richard Brener, Dana Fox, Jill McElroy, Michael Riley, etc. 

With the trailer of Moonshot finally being surfaced, let’s dive into all that we know about the upcoming sci-fi film:

Moonshot Release Date

Moonshot is all set to release on HBO Max for streaming on March 31, 2022.

Moonshot Trailer

The trailer opens up to a college coffee shop and the viewers are introduced to the protagonists Walt and Sophie. With personalities that are poles apart, Walt, the barista at the coffee shop, and Sophie, someone with all of her life planned on her Ipad become good friends at a point. Sophie tells Walt about her plans to go to Mars in order to meet her boyfriend. Walt goes with Sophie to drop her at the launch site however instead of going back he chose to sneak in on the shuttle. What follows are the stunning visuals of outer space which can make all the viewership want to take that trip in real. 

Moonshot | Official Trailer | Max

Moonshot Plot

The film follows Sophie and Walt who are all set to take a trip to Mars, one legally and one by sneaking in the space shuttle. Sophie is going to Mars to meet her boyfriend of 8 years and Walt is going just because he wants to. So, Walt decides to sneak in on the shuttle illegally. But will Sophie help him hide from officials or what will happen if he gets caught?

Moonshot Cast

Credits: Cole Sprouse/Instagram
  • Cole Sprouse as Walt

Sprouse is well known for his role as Jughead in Riverdale. He got the proper spotlight when he started playing Cody Martin on the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

  • Lana Condor as Sophie

Condor came into the international spotlight for portraying Lara Jean Covey in the romantic-comedy To All the Boys.

  • Mason Gooding as Calvin

He is best known for his roles in Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, Love, Victor, and Booksmart, 

  • Emily Rudd as Ginny

She was last seen in the American conspiracy drama, Hunters. She has also played Cindy Berman in the Fear Street, a Netflix horror trilogy.

  • Lukas Gage as Calvin Riggins

 He has been a part of titles like American VandalThe White LotusScouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, and Euphoria.

  • Michelle Buteau as Captain Tartar

Michelle is an American stand-up comedian along with being an actor. She has recently starred in projects like Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens, Marry Me, etc. 

  • Christine Adams as Jan

Adams has played roles in well-known titles such as Jessica in Batman Begins (2005), Lena Boudreaux in The Whole Truth (2010-2011), and as Lynn Pierce in Black Lightning (2018–2021).