The Hardy Boys Season 2: Release date, teaser, plot and cast

The Hardy Boys Season 2
Credits: Hulu

“Why are you smiling? Feels good to be solving a case again.”

Keep calm because Hardy Boys are back. Frank Hardy and Joe Hardy are nothing less than Sherlock Holmes and Watson in the young children’s world. And now with the series being made on and on based on their storyline, it has attracted viewers not only from the young age-groups but the middle-agers too. This is why The Hardy Boys Season 2 is all set to excite and take the viewers on a ride full of mystery.

Starring Rohan Campbell and Alexander Elliot and The Hardy brothers, the story follows their investigating adventures along with their friends, uncovering the deepest buried truths. The first season was released on Hulu back in December 2020. 

Here’s all we need to know about the upcoming adventure of the gifted siblings through The Hardy Boys Season 2:

The Hardy Boys Season 2 Release Date

The Hardy Boys Season 2
Credits: IMDb

The Hardy Boys Season 2 will have 10 episodes in total and will be released on Hulu on April 6, 2022.

The Hardy Boys Season 2 Teaser

The teaser to the upcoming season of Hardy boys is out and it is giving out some pretty creepy vibes. Those metal bridges in the middle of nowhere have this thing to them that says they are not a safe place and there might be a serial killer around or maybe a monster or a ghost or something dark that will threaten your existence. Then, the whole forest shot with super creepy trees and the silhouette of the kid running and then dragging himself back in order to save himself from someone or something, confirm some serial killer or kidnapper presence.

But what if that killer or kidnapper is something not-so-human and a sinister supernatural entity? The trailer gives us some blurry looks of who must be the antagonist of the story and might be responsible for the kid’s disappearance. The entity is seen wearing an animal skull on their face with massive horns on the head. 

Now, Frank and his brother Joe are rolling up their sleeves to dive into another round of investigation after digging into their own family past six months ago. 

The Hardy Boys Season 2 | Teaser | Hulu

The Hardy Boys Season 2 Plot

The story is set in Bridgeport, 6 months after the events of Season 1 where Frank and Joe Hardy investigated their mother’s murder which involved mind-boggling aspects including a secret society and some ancient artifact. 

After their investigation was closed, they went on to live a regular life of the school, friends, family, and more. However, the tranquility didn’t last long and a classmate of theirs go missing after going into the woods. Now, the siblings are up for another investigation which might be far more challenging and unexpected than they imagined it to be. 

The Hardy Boys Season 2 Cast

The Hardy Boys Season 2

The expected cast of the upcoming second season includes:

  • Rohan Campbell as Frank Hardy
  • Alexander Elliot as  Joe Hardy
  • Bea Santos as Aunt Trudy
  • Keana Lyn as Callie Shaw
  • Adam Swain as Chet Morton
  • Riley O’Donnell as Biff Hooper
  • Atticus Mitchell as JB Cox
  • Cristian Perri as Phil Cohen

Krista Nazaire and Sadie Munroe have been added to the cast, however, their roles are undisclosed.