Metal Lords: Release date, trailer, cast, plot and latest updates

metal lords
Credits: Netflix

Heavy metal is one music genre that is severely under-represented, and when it is, it is connected to ruthless, barbaric, and kind of ‘stone-cold’ people with gothic and funky outfits. Anyway, it is represented with a certain stereotype attached to it. The same goes for our society. People tend to be reluctant while embracing it as a proper music genre and misconceptions are very much prevalent around it.

It is safe to say that whenever ‘Heavy metal’ is said out loud, we can all picture a funky-looking guy with a black outfit and lots of black make-up, with hair, pointed into spike-like Mohawk and playing an electric guitar with lots of head jerks.  

To bring that reluctance and the sense of stereotype a little down, Game of Thrones writer D.B. Weiss is back with a high school musical, Metal Lords. Directed by Peter Sollett, the upcoming project is produced by David Benioff, Bernadette Caulfield, James Moran, Robin Mulcahy Fisichella, and D.B. Weiss himself. 

metal lords
Credits: Netflix

Metal Lords Release Date

Metal Lords is all set to premiere on Netflix on April 8, 2022, for streaming.

Metal Lords Trailer

The trailer is set in a very common high school setting like in Sex Education and other coming-of-age shows. Hunter and Kevin are somehow the odd ones out, maybe because Hunter acts like a creep and Kevin as a geek. But the two have a common interest in music. Both enjoy heavy metal and Hunter is particularly proud of his knowledge of the music. One such disagreement with another metal player led the duo to the Battle of the Bands. And now they need a bass player. 

There enters Emily, who seems like Kevin’s crush. But the problem? She is a timid and graceful cello player and Hunter is skeptical about how much she can adapt herself into the powerful and strong image they are trying to portray. 

Kevin and Emily’s relationship creates conflict between him and Hunter as well. Now what’s there to see is how three misfits will deal with the differences among them and bring out each other’s better sides.

Metal Lords | D.B. Weiss | Official Trailer | Netflix

Metal Lords Plot

Kevin and Hunter are trying day in and out to get a school band together. Not so difficult, right? But it can be when those two are trying to bring up a genre that only those two care about, Heavy Metal. And what will happen when a third person joins their band, not a regular metal fan but a shy and reserved cello girl?

Metal Lords Cast

metal lords
Credits: Netflix
  • Jaeden Martell plays Kevin Schlieb
  • Adrian Greensmith plays Hunter Sylvester
  • Isis Hainsworth plays Emily Spector
  • Joe Manganiello
  • Brett Gelman plays Dr. Sylvester
  • Sufe Bradshaw plays Dean Swanson
  • Katie O’Grady plays Laurie Schlieb
  • Michelle Fang plays Lisa Randall
  • Noah Urrea plays Clay Moss
  • Analesa Fisher plays Kendall Sarn
  • Phelan Davis