We’re The Millers Part 2: What we know so far

Were the millers part 2 2

Waiting for We’re The Millers Part 2? Read on to find out the latest updates.

We all love our families. Don’t we? They are our go-to place, comfort space, favorite partners, and best advisors. However, not every family is perfect and that is why we are always excited to find out what goes on in different families. And a family comedy best suit our purpose.

It’s safe to say that the idea of this imperfect but closely-knit family resonates with us. Now, what if we tell you, there are families one can choose too? The families that are disasters but created by chance? Or, let us say, by crime? Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about The Millers. 

And we have a good news for all the fans. A comedy movie in 2013 that was one of the best movies in the US, We’re The Millers is going to be back with a Part 2.

We're The Millers Part 2

So get ready for a humorous ride, well-prepared one liners, and we bet you can’t help but slap your knees time and again, just like you did in Part 1, in the new part, too.

Here is everything you need to know We’re The Millers Part 2.

We’re The Millers Part 2 Release Date

We're The Millers Part 2

The movie was announced for a Part 2 in 2021 itself, considering how much love it received for the adventure-comedy it gave us after a long time. While We’re The Millers Part 2 was supposed to release in 2022, we do not have an exact date and hence need to wait.

However, given the fan’s level of excitement for We’re The Millers Part 2, it seems that the makers should really come up with a fresh announcement soon to satisfy this never-ending demand for a Part 2.

We’re The Millers Part 2 Expected Plot

The Part 2 might see David landing himself in problems where there are even speculations of him being dead. Now what would the fake family do? Has the bond finally flourished? Will the kingpin now be behind their life too? What is the escape plan now? Or is David faking it all to save everyone? Or there are more twists coming the Miller’s way? However, these are all speculations and we need to wait for an official plot synopsis by the makers.

We're The Millers Part 2

We’re The Millers Part 2 Cast

We do not have any confirmation on the addition or removal from the Part 1, cast, so it seems like the core cast remains same for We’re The Millers Part 2 for the time being.

  • Jason Sudeikis as David Clark – The hopeless drug dealer who gets stuck in a problem
  • Jennifer Aniston as Rose or the fake wife
  • Will Poulter as Kenny, the virgin son (who remembers him from a viral meme and as Ben from the Maze Runner series?)
  • Emma Roberts as Casey Mathis, the hired petty thief turned daughter

We’re The Millers Recap

We're The Millers Part 2

David is a small-time drug dealer. He wishes to make it big in his life. He is aloof and very much single which adds to his sarcastic humor here and there. It is rightly said that there is no space for kindness in this world, and one fine night when David plans to help a few people in a problem, they steal his money and drugs, and also beat him up.

A scared David now has to recover that as well as collect a fresh consignment from Mexico, what does he do now? He needs a fake family to look real and genuine and that is when he hires a stripper as his wife, neighborhood’s innocent boy as son and a petty thief as daughter to get that consignment safe.

Watch to find out how they face problems, make friends, get betrayed and eventually get caught as well. The comedy and drama is so well portrayed using dialogues and cinematography, it makes this movie a must-watch. 

Where to watch We’re The Millers?

The movie was a theatrical release in 2013 and performed well at the box office. It was later streamed on Apple TV+ and can be watched there with a subscription. It is also available on Amazon Prime Video in select countries.