Shrinking Season 2 Renewed at Apple TV+: Expected release date, cast, plot and more

Shrinking Season 2
Credits: Apple TV+

Hold onto your couch cushions, folks! The “psychological vigilante” Jimmy, played by the hilarious Jason Segel, is making a triumphant return to our screens with Shrinking Season 2. And let’s not forget about the legendary Harrison Ford joining the cast. Apple TV+ has renewed this therapy dramedy for a second season, so you can expect to be laughing, crying, and maybe even screaming at your TV in the near future.

Co-created by Segel, Bill Lawrence, and Brett Goldstein (aka Ted Lasso’s Roy Kent), Shrinking is a messy and hilarious portrayal of a rule-breaking therapist dealing with grief. Apple TV+ programming head, Matt Cherniss, said, “We have loved the engaging, touching and hilarious world of ‘Shrinking’ since the beginning.” And we couldn’t agree more! We’re counting down the days until we can dive back into this big-hearted show.

So, what can we expect from Season 2? Unfortunately, our crystal ball is a little fuzzy, but we do know that it’s going to be epic. We’ll keep you updated on all the juicy details as they emerge. In the meantime, grab some tissues and get ready to laugh your way through another season of Shrinking. So mark your calendars and get ready for more messy, funny, and emotional moments when Shrinking Season 2 drops.

Shrinking Season 2 Renewal Update

‘Shrinking’ Season 2 release date Credit Apple TV+
‘Shrinking’ Credit Apple TV+

The one and only Harrison Ford is gracing our TV screens for a little while longer because Shrinking is officially coming back for Season 2 on Apple TV+. This comedy-drama, starring the hilarious Jason Segel and the legend himself, Indiana Jones, has been tearing up the small screen with its heartwarming and hilarious antics.

And if you haven’t already binged your way through Season 1, now’s the time to catch up because the Season 1 finale is dropping on Friday. The first two episodes premiered on January 27, with new episodes hitting our screens on a weekly basis ever since.

‘Shrinking’ Season 2 Release Date

‘Shrinking’ Season 2 release date Credit Apple TV+
‘Shrinking’ Credit Apple TV+

Fans of Shrinking, pay attention because we have some exciting news to share with you! This amusing and endearing program debuted its first season on January 27, 2023, and it is still going strong today. The greatest thing, though? Get ready for more therapy sessions with Jason Segel and Harrison Ford since the show has already been renewed for a second season.

We are aware that you are all anxious to learn the release date for Season 2, but please be patient since the creators haven’t yet revealed anything. Let’s be honest though—would we really want to know everything beforehand and ruin the surprises? Obviously not!

Hence, even though we are unable to provide a release date at this time, we can guarantee that you won’t have to wait interminably. While it has taken each season an average of 14 months to be released, this just gives us more time to rewatch all of our favorite episodes and get ready for the next round of smiles, tears, and therapy sessions.

Shrinking Season 2 Storyline or Plot

‘Shrinking’ Season 2 release date Credit Apple TV+
‘Shrinking’ Credit Apple TV+

Get ready to shrink down, folks, because the second season of Shrinking is on the horizon! Co-created by the talented trio of Jason Segel, Bill Lawrence, and Brett Goldstein, this series boasts an all-star cast featuring the one and only Harrison Ford in one of his first television roles.

What is the story’s gist, then? The plot of Shrinking centers on a therapist called Jimmy (played by Segel) who is having a hard time adjusting after the death of a loved one. Yet Jimmy chooses to defy convention and express his views to his patients rather than adhering to the tediously established treatment guidelines.

Indeed, you heard correctly. Jimmy is all about upheaval and radical change in everyone’s life, including his own. However, he isn’t averse to crossing certain moral lines along the way. Can his unusual techniques result in a successful outcome for his clients? Or will they find themselves at their own therapist’s office?

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to find out. With Segel and Ford at the helm, we’re in for a rollercoaster of emotions, laughs, and surprises. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to shrink down for another season of Shrinking!

Shrinking Season 2 Cast

‘Shrinking’ Season 2 release date Credit Apple TV+
‘Shrinking’ Credit Apple TV+

Jason Segel stars as Jimmy, the grieving therapist who throws ethics out the window and tells his clients what he really thinks. Harrison Ford, the Indiana Jones himself, plays Jimmy’s boss, Paul, and according to co-creator Brett Goldstein, he’s just as funny as he is iconic. Jessica Williams, of 2 Dope Queens fame, portrays Jimmy’s friend and colleague, Gaby. Christa Miller, Cougar Town’s star, plays Jimmy and Alice’s neighbor, Liz. Meanwhile, Lukita Maxwell, who starred in Lucky Fish, portrays Jimmy’s daughter, Alice. Michael Urie, Ugly Betty alum, plays Jimmy’s buddy, Brian, and CSI: Vegas’s Luke Tennie is Jimmy’s patient, Sean.

Shrinking Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, a trailer for the new season hasn’t been released yet, but fear not! You can still check out the fantastic trailer for season 1 while you wait in anticipation of the next installment.

Shrinking — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Shrinking Season 1 Ending Explained

The Season 1 finale of Shrinking is set to drop on March 24, but until then, let’s recap the penultimate episode’s juicy ending. Nico, the self-absorbed artist, publicly snubs his long-time supporter and friend, Gaby, at his exhibition, opting to acknowledge someone else instead. Gaby unleashes her inner fury on Nico, letting out her guilt for leaving him behind.

Meanwhile, Jimmy, Paul, and Brian take matters into their own hands to rescue Jimmy’s daughter, Alice, from a sketchy hostel room. But things get a little too intense when they scare the guy inside to death (oops). Back at Jimmy’s, Paul teaches him a valuable parenting lesson: don’t let people off the hook just because you have a history. This prompts Jimmy to confront Brian about being rejected as his wedding officiant, a role he’s been eagerly anticipating. Drama, drama, drama!

Where To Watch Shrinking Season 2?

As for where to watch the show, both seasons 1 and 2 can be found on Apple TV+. Produced by Warner Bros. Television, Shrinking is available exclusively on the streaming platform. So grab some popcorn and get ready to shrink into your couch while you enjoy the show!