5 Unsettling zombie movies and series on Netflix

all of us are dead
Credits: NETFLIX

Until The Walking Dead appeared in 2010, movies about zombies were all but dead, but the thirst for more catapulted the voracious demons back into the limelight. The acclaimed AMC series was campy and included the traditional, slow-moving walkers, but subsequent films, such as 28 Days Later and World War Z, raised the ante.

Train to Busan, a South Korean horror film, brought zombie flicks to an altogether new level in 2016, and its popularity—particularly amid Netflix’s increase in Korean programming—has saturated the genre with new creative energy. As they say, timing is everything, and the format’s emphasis on survival elements felt familiar during the initial stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, when several individuals felt like they were living in a dystopian future, which apparently appealed to large segments of the general population, as popularity for titles in the subject matter skyrocketed.

Netflix’s catalog oddly excludes World War Z, but it’s jam-packed with other good titles. These are the finest Netflix zombie flicks.

All Of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead begins with a renegade high school science teacher accidentally turning his kid into a zombie. Soon, the man-made undead sickness spreads violently to the remaining students. The uninfected kids try to defend themselves against the unexpected zombie encroachment, but it could be too late.

The location is the surprise in All of Us Are Dead; the invasion takes place entirely in a high school, and the remaining kids must work out certain relationship problems in order to fight back successfully.

All of Us Are Dead | Official Trailer | Netflix


Oh, Jun-u awakens in his Seoul flat bedroom with a letter from his mother requesting him to pick up some food while both of his parents are abroad in #ALIVE. Rather, he sinks in for an afternoon of gaming with pals, but a quick check at the headlines on television reveals that the entire nation is in an emergency condition. A rapidly spreading sickness is transforming humans into cannibalistic zombies. Oh comes onto the balcony and looks down at the bloodbath below. Oh confines himself inside his flat after his now-zombie neighbor assaults him.
He shares a video on the internet to inform anyone who may be looking for assistance. Oh stays alone as his food stocks deplete and utilities and internet access grow increasingly rare. Oh becomes insane and is brought to the brink of hopelessness. On the verge of committing himself, he notices a pointed laser beam. A girl from the flat building down the street uses the beam to communicate.

Her given name is Kim Yu-bin, and she gives him food while they find out how to communicate without alerting the zombie hordes. Oh, and Kim must now find a method to arrive on the 8th level of Oh’s flat, which is said to be zombie-free, and learn whether they have any hope of being saved.

#Alive | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sweet Home

Sweet Home is a K-Drama inspired by the same-named webtoon series by writers Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-chan. It’s everything you’d expect from a K-Drama: exciting, suspenseful, and tinged with humor. It was already a blockbuster when it was launched on South Korea’s publishing platform, webtoon, but when word of the television version came, fans were worried that it would fall short of the success of the graphic book.

The Korean drama proved a success, but some graphic novel aficionados may have been disappointed. Because compressing 140 chapters into ten episodes is nearly difficult, certain elements were left out.

Sweet Home | Official Trailer | Netflix


The first season of Kingdom is set during South Korea’s Joseon Dynasty, three years following the Imjin War, and implies the story of Crown Prince Lee Chang and his assistants as they investigate a brewing political conspiracy and rumors of the death of the King of Joseon. Chang meets partners who try to establish an impact in the city-state of Sangju before the virus spreads deeper into the province, only to learn that the disease has already evolved.

Kingdom | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


HELLBOUND is a horror thriller series set in 2022 that is based on a webcomic about individuals who receive predictions from “angels” that they will be killed in five days. Each time, these orders are fulfilled in the form of heinous killings by horrible, unstoppable monsters. It was also determined that every single victim was either a criminal or was guilty in some way. The New Truth religious organization, led by the flamboyant young Chairman Jung (Yoo Ah-in), believes that executions are a direct message from God informing people that they must be more virtuous. Jin Kyeong-hoon (Yang Ik-june), a burned-out investigator, is on the case, but he has a lot of inquiries to answer. Is Chairman Jung an inspiration or a swindler? Is it murder if God is the one doing the killing? And how does the vigilante justice organization The Arrowhead fit into this novel reality?

Hellbound | Official Trailer | Netflix

Army of The Dead

A military cargo is abruptly disrupted in Army of The Dead, resulting in a zombie epidemic. The zombies are eventually isolated in Las Vegas, and the authorities are contemplating a nuclear strike to thwart them. In the meantime, entrepreneur Tanaka (Hiroyuki Sanada) recruits Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) to enter a Las Vegas casino and retrieve a misplaced $200 million in cash only hours before the strike threatens the whole region. Scott assembles a strong crew for the assignment, but zombies, along with additional threats, complicate matters. Even more difficult: Scott’s daughter, Kate (Ella Purnell), demands to accompany him to search for a missing woman who has been lost in the zombie zone. Can Scott and his crew escape alive, if not with the millions given to them?

Army of the Dead | Official Trailer | Netflix