Harley Quinn Season 4: Release Date, plot, cast, episodes and other details

Harley Quinn Season 4: Release Date, plot, cast, episodes and other details
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Our favorite anti-heroine is back for more mayhem and madness! Here is everything we know so far about Harley Quinn Season 4. 

Get ready to rev up your engines and unleash your inner wild child because Harley Quinn is back for another season! This time around, we are certain that she is upping the ante as she navigates the treacherous waters of Gotham City’s criminal underworld with Poison Ivy by her side. Harley is determined to carve out her own place in the world and show everyone that she’s more than just a pretty face with a penchant for chaos!

The fans are excited to see the next chapter, especially after how well-received the third season was, as it has an approval rating of 100% based on 25 reviews with an average rating of 8.8/10. Whereas, on Metacritic, the show has a weighted average score of 82 out of 100 based on reviews from seven critics, indicating “universal acclaim.” So, if you are wondering when the new season will return, then continue reading to find out more.

As we are certain that old enemies will resurface and new threats will emerge on the way, Harley must stay one step ahead of the game! One thing’s for sure: it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

Harley Quinn Season 4: Release Date, plot, cast, episodes and other details

Harley Quinn Season 4 Release Date: When will the new season premiere?

After months of waiting, the good news has finally arrived, as after being renewed for a fourth season over a year ago on August 31, 2022, the fourth season is now all set to return to television screens sooner than you think!

Much to the fans’ delight, the season is confirmed to be a part of the summer streaming season, and it will officially premiere next month on Thursday, July 27, 2023, on MAX. A Valentine’s Day Special episode was aired earlier this year in February, bridging the gap between the third and fourth seasons, while the July launch of Harley Quinn Season 4 comes nearly a year after the third season.

Moreover, a ten-episode spin-off series, Kite Man: Hell Yeah!, featuring Kite Man and his current girlfriend, Golden Glider, is currently in development for Max.

Harley Quinn Season 4 Plot: What to expect?

Not much has been revealed about the next season, but we are certain that the next season is going to pick up from the third season, which followed the biting and uproarious adult animated comedy series, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy wrap up their “Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour” and return to Gotham as the new power couple of DC villainy. Along with their ragtag crew—King Shark, Clayface, and Frank the Plant—Harlivy” strives to become the best version of themselves while also working towards Ivy’s long-desired plan of transforming Gotham into an Eden paradise.

Billy Wee, SVP of Comedy & Animation at HBO Max, said: “Patrick Schumacker, Justin Halpern, and their incredible team of artists and writers have created something so explosively funny and original, and we are thrilled to continue this journey with them, and the show’s legion of fans. It has been amazing to watch the show grow and evolve this season and we could not ask for a more talented and dedicated team of collaborators.”

Harley Quinn Season 4: Release Date, plot, cast, episodes and other details

Peter Girardi, EVP, Alternative Programming, Warner Bros. Animation, added, “Three seasons down and I can’t even begin to think about the new levels of chaos and trouble that Harley, Ivy, and the gang can get into with a fourth season. But I’m grateful to our partners at HBO Max for continuing this insane ride with us so we can all find out.”

“We are ecstatic that HBO Max wants the story of Harley and Ivy to continue,” added Halpern and Schumacker. “And we are equally thrilled that this next season will be in great hands with Sarah Peters as our showrunner and Ceci Aranovich overseeing animation production, as they have both greatly influenced the show with their brilliance since the beginning.”

Harley Quinn Season 4: Release Date, plot, cast, episodes and other details

Harley Quinn Season 4 Cast: Who will reprise their roles?

The main cast members, along with Matt Oberg, Christopher Meloni, Andy Daly, Diedrich Bader, James Adomian, Sanaa Lathan, Briana Cuoco, and Harvey Guillen, who are expected to return in the fourth season are as follows:

Kaley Cuoco as Dr. Harleen Quinzel / Harley Quinn, Kylie Kryptonite; Lake Bell as Poison Ivy, Cheryl, Barbara Kean, Britney Bionic; Alan Tudyk as the Joker, Clayface, Calendar Man, Doctor Trap, Firefly, Ocean Master, Kevin; Ron Funches as King Shark; Tony Hale as Doctor Psycho, Felix Faust; and Jason Alexander as Sy Borgman. 

There can be some surprise cameo appearances which will be revealed later. The series is also getting a new showrunner, Sarah Peters, who currently serves as a consulting producer and will take over the role from Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker, who originally developed the project with Dean Lorey. 

Harley Quinn Season 4: Release Date, plot, cast, episodes and other details

“Sarah writes Ivy like no one else, and Season 4 will explore Ivy more than we have,” series co-creator Patrick Schumacker previously told Variety about Harley Quinn season 4.

“There’s her new role with the Legion of Doom. There’s something Justin and I would not have immediately gone toward – I’m trying not to spoil anything – but she did an amazing job. Obviously, the show has benefited greatly from so many different female perspectives amongst the writers, and Sarah has always been very key. She’s written some of the most memorable, enduring episodes. She’s the one who brought Catwoman into the fold, she’s the one who wrote the Season 2 finale where Harley and Ivy go driving off from Ivy’s intended wedding [with Kite Man], the bachelorette episode on Themyscira, our Season 3 premiere. Her grasp of Ivy and her ideas are things we certainly would never think of, and I’m really excited for people to get to see that.”

The series is based on characters from DC. Harley Quinn is produced by Delicious Non-Sequitur Productions and, Yes Norman Productions in association with Warner Bros. Animation. The series was developed by Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, and Dean Lorey.  Executive Producers are Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, Kaley Cuoco, Sam Register, Jessica Goldstein, and Chrissy Pietrosh.

Harley Quinn Season 4: Release Date, plot, cast, episodes and other details

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episodes: Where to stream?

Prior to the official announcement, it was discovered that Warner Bros Animation had registered Season 4 of Harley Quinn, along with ten episode titles, at the Entertainment Identifier Registry, a global database used by production companies to record their upcoming projects. The veracity of the registrations was questioned, but because EIDR only accepts new registers from identifiable firms and the metadata showing that Warner Bros Animation was the owner of the registries, the chances of it being falsified looked minimal. 

Later, this report was confirmed when the fourth season was announced, but the official episode titles are still susceptible to change which are as follows: 

  • Season 4 Episode 1: Gotham’s Hottest Hotties – July 27, 2023
  • Season 4 Episode 2: B.I.T.C.H. – TBA
  • Season 4 Episode 3: Icons Only – TBA
  • Season 4 Episode 4: Business Conference Without Chlamydia – TBA
  • Season 4 Episode 5: Getting Ice Dick, Don’t Wait Up – TBA
  • Season 4 Episode 6: Metamorphosis – TBA
  • Season 4 Episode 7: Most Culturally Impactful Film Franchise – TBA
  • Season 4 Episode 8: II Buffone – TBA
  • Season 4 Episode 9: Potato-Based Cloning Incident – TBA
  • Season 4 Episode 10: Killer’s Block – TBA

When released, Harley Quinn Season 4, along with the prior three seasons, will be available to stream exclusively on MAX, formerly known as HBO Max. The viewers can also watch all the seasons of Harley Quinn by renting or purchasing it on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and Vudu, depending on their location and membership plans. International viewers who don’t have access to the series in their region can stream the episodes by using a VPN to stream all the original series and movies.

Harley Quinn Season 4 Official Trailer: Is it available?

The network has not released any new promotions for the next season, as there is still some time left for the marketing to begin!

In the meantime, we urge the viewers to stream all the prior three seasons to recall all the events which have transpired so far, along with the newly released special episode, “Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special,” which premiered on February 9th, 2023 on HBO Max. The special showcased, “As Harley goes to obsessive lengths to ensure that her first Valentine’s Day with Ivy is the best ever, Bane’s efforts to impress an unexpected date go horribly awry. Meanwhile, after an unfortunate online dating encounter, Clayface engages in some self-love.”

Take a look at the official trailer on Max’s YouTube channel below: 

While you wait for Harley Quinn Season 4 to premiere, let us know in the comments what you think of the new season.