7th Edition Of Global New Material Startups Contest Commences In China

The 7th Edition of Global New Material Startups Contests formally commences in Ningbo, China on Wednesday April 23, 2020.

According to the details released by the PR News Wire News Agency, the Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone of Ningbo, China has previously launched the 6th consecutive edition of the Startup contest that helps to attract a high-level workforce and talent in a number of sectors, including the automobiles, high-end equipment, life science and new materials.

The Ningbo National Hi-Tech Industrial Zone is also known as the New Materials Science and Technology Park.

A number of new startups are taking part in the competition and their fate would be decided on the final event of the startup competition would be held on September 2020.

The China-based New Material Startup Contest would be completed in three phases or stages and field tryouts, which would be held in Chinese Industrial Cities of Shenzhen and Xi’an. In the end, a total of 40 startup projects would be shortlisted and they would compete in the final stage for top ten positions.

The organizer has announced that it will also launch the dedicated website regarding the contest, which would significantly help both participants and investors to gain in-depth understanding of the talent hunt event. Furthermore, the website would also help the participants and investors to gain access to the important resources of the Ningbo National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zones.

The commencement of the 7th Edition of Global New Material Startups Contests will help to provide direct benefits for outstanding projects and high-level talents in line with the policy of Ningo National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zones. The top five projects of the talent hunt contest would get the net grant  of 40 Million Yuan or $5.6 Million in total.

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