Abbott Elementary Season 3: All you need to know

Abbott Elementary 1
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Abbott Elementary, created and starring Quinta Brunson, has been a smash sitcom for ABC since it debuted in 2021, and a new season is on the horizon. The series follows a group of teachers at Willard R. Abbott Elementary School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which mostly serves the Black population.

Within the setting of the show, a documentary team is documenting the experiences of teachers working in schools that are underfunded and mismanaged. The school is under difficult circumstances, which has resulted in a high teacher turnover rate. Abbott’s concentration on the five primary instructors of various grade levels provides viewers with an interesting view of this less-than-ideal working condition.

Abbott Elementary has received several honors in its first two seasons, including the 2023 Critics’ Choice Award for Best Comedy Series and the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy.

Abbott Elementary 3
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When will Abbott Elementary Season 3 release?

Season 3’s production and writing were originally slated to begin on May 1, 2023, but were pushed back owing to the 2023 Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. As a result, the season’s premiere date has been pushed back, and the strike, according to writer Brittani Nichols (via Democracy Now), will have an influence on the number of episodes and the eventual commencement of production.

A September 2023 launch date, as previously reported by Decider, might have made sense if not for the WGA strike. Abbott Elementary Season 3 may not begin until 2024 if the strike continues for another two months.

What to expect from Abbott Elementary Season 3?

Expect the normal emphasis on the inner workings of primary school life—holiday parties, parent-teacher conferences, field excursions, and broken coffee makers—but with a hint of extra tension, thanks to Gregory and Janine’s open sentiments. They resolved not to pursue a relationship after revealing their feelings in the season 2 finale. However, as Quinta Brunson informed TV Line, there’s a lot more to the tale.

“Especially Jeanine, at the end of this kind of growth path we’ve had for her this season, I wanted her to be able to make a decision that she felt was best for herself after learning new information about herself,” she said. “It’s more about maturity. She’s maturing; he’s maturing. We wanted that mature path to continue for them both as individuals. I kind of want the characters to be able to grow a little bit more as individuals, so we can see where they land.”

Abbott Elementary 2
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Nonetheless, Brunson stated that their growing friendship will not be, and will never be, the fundamental mechanism of Abbott. Abbott will always be the focus of the show. “Our show isn’t about dating,” she said. “It’s about this school, about the kids, and so on.” So Janine and Gregory aren’t Abbott’s main storylines. It is the school and the students. So it feels fantastic to have them be a shambles in the background, since that’s frequently how dating works.”

In an April 2023 interview with Decider, co-showrunner Justin Halpern revealed that the “idea” for season 3 is extremely fascinating. “The second season ended up talking about charter schools and the push and pull of those, whereas the first season was sort of about the challenges of being woefully underfunded,” he explained. “And so I think we have an idea, we’ve talked with Quinta, and I think there’s a larger overarching idea that we’ve sort of landed on for season 3 that I think is really interesting and that I’ve never seen on TV before.”

Who might be cast for Abbott Elementary Season 3?

The contrast between the three youthful teachers, portrayed by Brunson, Tyler James Williams, and Chris Perfetti, and the senior educators, represented by Sheryl Lee Ralph and Lisa Ann Walter, was a feature of Abbott Elementary’s first two seasons. Janelle James’ volatile Principal, Ava Coleman, adds to the mix as well.

Season 3 is planned to bring back all of these performers and their respective characters:

  • Quinta Brunson – Janine Teagues
  • Tyler James Williams – Gregory Eddie
  • Janelle James – Ava Coleman
  • Lisa Ann Walter – Melissa Schemmenti
  • Chris Perfetti – Jacob Hill
  • William Stanford Davis – Mr. Johnson
  • Sheryl Lee Ralph – Barbara Howard
Abbott Elementary
Credits: ABC

How many episodes will Abbot Elementary Season 3 have?

We don’t know how much we’ll receive from Abbott next season because neither Brunson nor ABC have given definite plans beyond a few hints. However, given that the second season was expanded from 13 to 22 episodes, it stands to assume that season 3 will follow a similar pattern. ABC has no need to reduce the number of episodes due to the show’s success.

Is there a trailer for Abbott Elementary Season 3?

Not yet, but given Brunson’s track record as a very insightful showrunner, you should anticipate it to arrive at just the perfect time. In other words, the wait will be worthwhile.

Where to watch Abbott Elementary Season 3?

Abbott Elementary airs on ABC in the United States and is accessible on Hulu the day after it airs.

Additionally, Season 1 of the program is currently available on Max.