Am I Being Unreasonable? Season 2: What we know so far

Am I Being Unreasonable? Season 2: What we know so far?

“The one thing I’m lacking in my life is a real connection… possibly because I’m insecure I’ve got their mates.”

Both mother and son have murderous tendencies while Dan was busy on his dating app profile which Jen discovered. Jen and her son Harry, are living in that house as a cleaner while she told Nic she owned it. We get why she lied, her obsession to be best friends with Nic & to do that, she had to be more like her.

She even bought a similar coat like hers & she used it to record her conservations (past trauma synonyms). When Nic found out the truth she confronted her, and after a lot of screaming and fighting, the pair made up. But we never know when the issue will arise again. Am I Being Unreasonable? is the kind of drama who would watch when you want all gone in one. Now we are craving for it again while wondering Am I Being Unreasonable? Season 2. 

Am I Being Unreasonable? Season 2: What we know so far?

Am I Being Unreasonable? is a Comedy, thriller and mystery British series with several plot twists. Thanks to Daisy May Cooper and Selin Hizli for creating such an entertaining show. The series revolves around Nic, who is stuck in a strained relationship with her husband Dan, worried about the odd behaviour of her son Ollie, and haunted by the tragic death of Alex, a man she was having an affair with.

To make things even more complicated, the sudden arrival of new mum Jen, with whom Nic immediately strikes up a connection, but is Jen who is she? The fandom has loved each episode of the series & now is eagerly waiting for Am I Being Unreasonable? Season 2. So let’s dig further to know all about the next instalment. 

What we know so far about Am I Being Unreasonable? Season 2?

From the last instalment, one of our favourite yet horrifying scenes was when Alex turned out to be Dan’s brother. He hated him & to punish him, he dated Nic. His relationship with Nic had never been love, he told her “The sex was fine, but I think you should lose some weight”. Nic changed & she did exactly how her altered flashbacks showed. Alex’s coat got stuck into the train door and was pulled along the platform until another train came past and hit him, killing him instantly. The minor change: it was Nic who pulled his coat & didn’t pull the lever. His death became reality & now Nic is a murderer! 

Am I Being Unreasonable? Season 2: What we know so far?

In the upcoming season i.e, Am I Being Unreasonable Season 2 we can believe the storyline will follow up on Alex’s murder. Also, let’s not forget what Ollie did to Mr Meowgi! Nic found footage on a camera of Ollie purposefully putting Mr Meowgi in the drier and turning it on, killing him in the process. Why he did do it? Or Does he have the same murderous tendencies as her mother? Another plot twist could be Jen finding out how Nic murdered Alex & to save her from jail she does something reckless too. Her obsessive personality won’t let this one slide, right? 


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In Daisy May Cooper’s Instagram post, she announced her excitement for Am I Being Unreasonable? Season 2. The second instalment has gotten Commissioned by BBC One when the series premiered on Hulu US on April 11, 2023. We know the series has been doing good when Jon Petrie, director of BBC comedy, says: “We had so many questions after binging the first series that we were selfishly desperate to have more Am I Being Unreasonable? in our lives. Luckily, we know that our viewers feel the same way. Thank you to Daisy May Cooper, Selin Hizli, Jack Thorne and everyone at Boffola for creating such a funny, thrilling, genre-bending show. We can’t wait to see what happens next.”