At Home With The Furys Season 2: What we know so far

At home with the furys
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After the Kardashians and an insight into a millionaire’s lifestyle, people enjoy watching family dramas and getting realistic insights into their lives. This spread like wildfire, and multiple reality TV shows covering such famous families became a trend. As Netflix is continuously exploring sports-related entertainment, a show that combines both famous genres has become a mandate.

That is when At Home With The Furys came into being. The one season that premiered on August 16th, 2023, left audiences spellbound with the story of a heavyweight boxer of the same name. Now the fans are eager to know if there will be a season 2 of At Home With The Furys. Let’s find out.

Is At Home With The Furys Season 2 renewed?

At Home with the Furys S02
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Unfortunately, due to no official update, the ambiguity continues on having a fresh season as the makers have not commented on having a season 2, despite the show receiving an overwhelming response, as the show has been released recently, and the returns are still not calculable. While the initial viewer response is good, only time can tell if it is good enough to have a season 2.

At Home With The Furys Season 2 Cast:

At Home with the Furys S02 5
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If at all there is a fresh season, the same cast will return as it is a reality sports TV drama. We can expect to see all the Fury family members, namely:

  • Tyson Fury
  • Paris Fury
  • Venezuela Fury
  • Molly Mae Hague
  • Tommy Fury
  • John Fury
  • Jimmy Mulroy

The show is directed by Josh Jacob and Tina Flintoff. It is given a documentary style with Demi Doyle, Laura Leigh, and Claire Little as producers.

At Home With The Furys Season 2 Expected Plot:

At Home with the Furys S02 7
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The first season follows the life of Furys. The second season can continue exploring aspects we are not aware of or can come up with a new family. It can even tell the story of the wife and children from a new lens that can help us see the family better. After Fury was seen struggling with depression, we need to see how other players see retirement and the impacts on mental health as well. Such details can only be conveyed once we have concrete approval for season 2.

Is there a trailer for At Home With The Furys season 2?

At Home With the Furys | Official Trailer | Netflix

As there has been no official announcement yet, there is no official synopsis or teaser. Therefore, there is no trailer for season 2. However, if you have not watched season 1 yet, this is the official trailer of season 1 attached above.

Recap of At Home With The Furys season 1:

At Home with the Furys S02 3
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While on the outside, they look like a well-knit, close, and perfect family, the happiness bubble is busted when we see the series. Furys are like another ordinary family trying to get away from the limelight of the extraordinary. It sees the journey of mental health and ADHD of a remarkable boxer named Tyson Fury. His journey with other A-listers and the genuine portrayal of his struggles and mental health make this show a success.

Number of episodes in At Home With The Furys Season 2:

At Home with the Furys S02 11
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The show has a rating of 8.1/10 via IMDB and has nine episodes of 50 minutes each. This is the official data for season 1. However, if a season 2 comes up, there would be a similar number of episodes and a watch time seen.

Where to watch At Home With The Furys?

At Home with the Furys S02 8
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Season 1 is available on Netflix.

While you wait for more updates on Season 2, stay tuned to Web News Observer.