Atlanta Season 3: Release date, trailer, cast, plot and more updates

Atlanta Season 3
Credits: FX Networks

After four long years, Atlanta Season 3 is coming back to the screens and we’ll finally get to see some more misadventures of our favorite characters, Earn and Paper Boi. Fans have been waiting three years for new episodes of this Glover’s award-winning FX comedy series and get hyped because the wait is finally over. The trailer of this series has been dropped by FX Networks and it looks intense and well, we can’t wait to find out what the makers have in store for us in this much-awaited season.

Atlanta Season 3 Release Date

The show’s third season debuts on March 24, 2022. Fans have been waiting for a long time for Atlanta Season 3 due to delays caused by the pandemic, with Season 2 airing in March back in 2018. Check out the official post by Atlanta FX below:

Atlanta Season 3 Trailer

FX had released the trailer for this season on March 4, 2022, which sees the trio, Paper boi, Earn, and Darius traveling around London and Amsterdam. Check out the trailer below:

Atlanta Season 3 Expected Plot

In Atlanta Season 3, we’re hoping to see more of Darius, what is it he does for Al for him to be living with him and pretty much his right-hand man. We also expect to see more of Earn and Vanessa as in the second season finale, we discovered that Earnest and Vanessa’s daughter Lottie was a gifted child. Thus, the best way for Lottie to succeed was to send her to private school.

That is why Earnest decided to use his earnings to pay for her private schooling. Earn and Vanessa are not in love and they have different lives. In this season, we expect to see how their co-parenting will get on and how will it affect their daughter.

Atlanta Season 3

Atlanta Season 3 Expected Cast

As for the cast in this season, all the main characters will return including Brain Tyree Henry, Lakeith Stanfield, and Zazie Beetz playing their respective characters as Alfred a.k.a. Paper Boi, Darius, and Van. And of course, Glover will return as Earnest “Earn” Marks.

Other Season 3 cast members are likely to include Khris Davis as Tracy, Alfred’s recently paroled friend who clashes with Earn, and RJ Walker as Clark County, who is another rapper but no official cast has been announced yet.

Atlanta Season 2 Recap

Atlanta Season 3

In the second season of this comedy-drama series, there is still a struggle to turn our Paper boi into a major rap star. Something that Earn struggles to do, if it isn’t Al’s attitude, is him trying to think and work with someone who is used to quick money. And because of that, alongside Al’s friend Sierra planting a seed into his head, so comes the question if Earn should be his manager anymore.

After that, we see Tracy crashing into Earn’s place and disturbing him as she is very modern and urban. We also get to see Darius and what he is when he isn’t with Earn or Papar boi. Then, there is the sole lady of Atlanta Van. Still unemployed, still unsure about her relationship with Earn, and just trying to figure things out. We’ll see more of their relationship in the upcoming season and how Paper boi will figure things out for his career.

Atlanta Season 3

How many episodes are there in Atlanta Season 2?

The second season has 11 episodes in total.

Where to watch Atlanta Season 2?

For the US audience, the second season is available on Hulu and Prime Video.

Yes, it took a long while for this series to announce its return but fans are beyond excited to watch their favorite characters again on screens after a long wait. The hype around Atlanta Season 3 is unreal and we’re eagerly waiting for March 24 along with a million others.