Benson Hill Appoints New Chief Technology Officer

Benson Hill has announced that the company has appointed Jason Bull as the company’s new Chief Technology Officer. In his new responsibilities, the company’s newly appointed CTO, Jason Bull would be directly responsible to oversee all the product and platform development.

Mr. Jason Bull is a seasoned executive and has got more than 20 years of experience and has served at key positions in the domain of data science and biology for different industries.

Mr. Jason Bull will lead the company’s Data Science and Research & Development capabilities across product discovery, genomics, big data engineering, predictive breeding and software development.

Prior to joining the company, Jason served Object Computing as the Vice President Strategy & Machine Learning. He has spent 20 years with Bayer Monsanto and Climate Corporation. He also served the Vice President Research & Development of Digital Seed Science.

Chief Executive Officer of Benson Hill, Matt Crisp said, “Jason is both a visionary architect and a disciplined scientist who has a long track record of inventing and delivering transformational products that have industry-wide impact.”

“His passion at the intersection of plant science and data science fits squarely with our vision, and his bold thinking to see around the corner and innovate fits squarely with our culture. We’re thrilled to have him on our team,” Matt Crisp further added.

Sharing his thoughts over the new appointment, Mr. Jason Bull said, “Insight underpins everything we do, and crop innovation is ultimately about solving biological and information problems,” said Jason Bull. “Benson Hill’s CropOS machine learning capability integrates massive amounts of data into the product development process.”

“That ability, coupled with the focus on consumer insights and empowering closed-loop supply chains, creates really exciting untapped innovation opportunities in food improvement,” Jason Bull concluded in his statement.

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