Big Sky Season 3 Episode 3 Review: A brief history of Gigi and Jenny’s relationship

big sky season 3
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Created by David E. Kelley, Big Sky is an American crime drama thriller series that is set in and around Lewis and Clark County, Montana. It is based on The Highway series of books by C.J. Box. It premiered on November 17, 2020, on ABC and was soon renewed for a second season, premiering on September 30, 2021, followed by a third renewal which premiered on September 21, 2022.

The third season follows the scamming operation with Beau, wherein Beau comes across a connection to the crime that lets her mind go topsy-turvy. It focuses on a missing camper case who worked at Sunny Day Excursions. Beau’s daughter, Emily, is adamant about working on this case. However, Sunny is trying to fulfill her own ulterior motives that might lead up to results that she didn’t expect in the end.

For those who are not updated with the latest news of Big Sky season 3, here’s a quick recap and a review of season 3 episode 3 of the same.
In Big Sky season 3, the second episode unravels Jenny’s discovery of a bizarre connection of her past tied to the case. As mentioned previously, Cassie and Beau, across town, are fully indulged in finding the missing backpacker while Sunny is trying to hide her secrets in the foliage.

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Season 3 Episode 3, titled “A Brief History of Crime”, details the incident of Emily running away from Luke and bumping into Cormac. Upon catching up with them, Luke says that he has cut his hand and is unable to find Paige.

One of the best parts of episode 3 of Big Sky season 3 is three parallel plots form an intricate structure, adding a more complex layer to the plot structure of the same. For instance, mixing Beau and Jenny’s personal life with the professional brought more depth to their characters. It allowed the audience to peel off one more layer of them and made the story more compelling.

From finding out that a Virginia Cessna, ‘Gigi’ (who is also Jenny’s mother) was arrested in a previous case to realizing that she took $30,000 and goes straight to Tonya’s, Jenny’s character has gone through various trials and tribulations not just in this season but in previous seasons as well.

Be that as it may, unlike previous seasons that depicted Jenny’s identity in association with her romantic relationships, this season highlights Jenny’s relationship with her mother, Gigi, and how she handles that dynamic that ends up debilitating Jenny’s core in the end.

While we see Jenny and Gigi’s relationship catapult to the worst, episode 3 also depicts the blooming relationship between Jenny and Beau. When undercover, the duo makes a deal with Harold. However, they do get a little rusty at some points, but they cover each other well, which ends up sealing the deal. But they certainly overlooked the part of an avenging brother and a seasoned criminal.

The one similarity that we see in season 3 episode 3 of Big Sky between Jenny and Cassie is the feeling of not doing enough, especially when the former prides herself on being a good cop. However, Gigi did surpass their intellectual faculties and proved to be the mastermind in playing the good cops.

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The second plot intertwines with Sunny Days and Sunny being hellbent on putting every person in the woods. Her desperation certainly raises eyebrows and makes the viewers wonder about her intentions.

Cassie and Denise putting on their boots and going on hiking, commence our third plot. Considering that Denise never stepped out of the cold office, it was quite surprising and novel to see her getting the fresh air and living a little!

Upon meeting Walt on their way has him subjected to being under the radar of Cassie, even though nothing mysterious occurs on screen. With that said, one of the most exciting things to look forward to will be watching Sunny peeling off layers of her identity and allowing the viewers to get a clearer glimpse of her true intentions.

However, this is only the surface that we have scratched. There’s more to it. But we would want you to watch it and get the feel of it.
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