Billions Season 7: Everything you need to know

Billions Season 7: Everything you need to know!
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 “The true source of power. When you get there, people will see what you want them to see on your face. Most people never figure this out. The ones that do, get to run the world.”

Fridging between millions of high finance, Boddy Axelrod and Attorney Chuck Rhoades, on the mission to expose the illegal business of Axe, is all about outmaneuvering the other. Billions is an American drama series created by Brain Koppelman, David Levien, and Andrew Ross Sorkin. After losing $3.5 billion while Chuck sprung from jail to express the purpose of ending that career. Things have been problematic while we are about to welcome an old cast member with open arms! Since the end of Season 6, fans have been buzzing about the upcoming season. So, to wash away your worries and turn your doubts into excitement. Billions Season 7 is almost around the corner!

Is Billion Season 7 renewed?

In the last season, we saw how chuck set his sights on Prince with one wrong move, & game ended for him, while Prince has his sights set on the big games. Ready to take risks, the Price team grew stronger than Chuck’s team. In the end, Prince may have suffered from the loss of 3-bill crypto, but his political image did improve. He toasts away his loss as the battle scars Chuck can’t protect the world from Prince alone, so we should probably support him in the Billions Season 7! Yes, you heard it right! Billions Season 7, is renewed on February 15, 2023.

“A Dream come true,” while the cast comments about the upcoming season in their way. The show has been praised for its strong writing, complex characters, and tense, fast-paced storytelling. It has also been noted for its accurate portrayal of the high-stakes world of finance and the ethical dilemmas that can arise in that environment. The two men use their intelligence, wealth, and influence to manipulate the stock market, outsmart their rivals, and advance their interests. 

Billions Season 7 promo and release date:

Since the news got out about the renewal of Season 7, fans are dying to know what’ll happen next, especially after the dramatic end of the sixth season. A lot is about to happen since the last episode got out on April 10, 2022. Thanks to Showtime for renewing the seventh season of the series. This upcoming batch of episodes could be about global money more than ever & it should prove to be complicated, messy, and dramatic. We can all believe several things, but the truth is, after the end of Season 5, we miss Alex’s character in the show. 

Billions Season 7 "Axe is Back" Teaser (HD)

An ambitious billionaire manager at hedge fund Axe Capital, Alex is the firm survivor of the September 11 attacks. After having Mike Prince buy him. To save himself from jail he had to run away to Switzerland. Alex isn’t the type to run away, but he had to. For the sake of avoiding Jail time. However, it’s been a time since he’s gone, right? Well, the wait is over, and there our hero is back!! Twelve episodes are in total in Billions Season 7 in which we get our Alex back for six episodes. So get ready and keep an eye out for the official release date since it’s expected to return on screens in early 2023!