BLACKPINK Jennie starrer ‘The Idol’ canceled after first season for THIS reason

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HBO’s highly-anticipated series, “The Idol,” featuring BLACKPINK’s Jennie in her acting debut, has been officially canceled. Despite its star-studded cast and attention-grabbing premise, the show has ended prematurely after just five episodes. So, it fell short of its originally intended six-episode run. “The Idol,” a collaborative effort between The Weeknd and Sam Levinson, the creator of the hit show “Euphoria,” premiered in June 2023.

Cancellation Confirmed

On August 29, 2023, an official announcement confirmed the cancellation of “The Idol.” The show had been mired in controversy since its debut. While initial hopes were that negative discussions would subside post-release, the criticism directed at the series only intensified with each subsequent episode. The show’s plot and portrayal of characters faced significant backlash, which cast a negative light on the production.

Impact on Jennie’s Character

Amid the controversy, BLACKPINK’s Jennie received a commendation for her acting skills. However, the show’s controversial storyline and awkward dialogue failed to resonate positively with the audience. Despite the satisfaction expressed by many fans about the show’s conclusion, admirers of Jennie expressed disappointment as her character’s narrative started gaining momentum.

Jennie’s Role as Dyanne

“The Idol” delved into the darker aspects of Hollywood, with its central character, Jocelyn (played by Lily Rose-Depp), becoming entangled with enigmatic cult leader Tedros (played by The Weeknd). In this setting, Jennie’s character, Dyanne, an ambitious backup dancer in Jocelyn’s troupe, stood out. Although the show’s portrayal of its female characters was problematic, Jennie’s acting as Dyanne garnered appreciation.

Dyanne’s character was a blend of strength and contradiction, mirroring the show’s themes. Portraying a dual role, she presented an innocent underdog striving for fame while secretly aligning with the cult, aiming to supplant Jocelyn. This layered duality echoed the complexities of the music industry, providing a commentary on the show’s narrative.

Impact on Jennie’s Acting Career

Jennie’s unconventional role as a debutante actress in her first Hollywood venture showcased her versatility and earned praise from fans. While the abrupt ending saddened fans, they remain hopeful for Jennie’s future in acting. Despite the show’s cancellation, the experience marks a significant stepping stone in her journey as an artist, leaving a lasting impact on her burgeoning acting career.