Bodyguard Season 2: Is it happening or not?

Bodyguard Season 2: Is it happening or not?

“Some say you should get a medal. Others reckon you should be kicked off the force.”

David Budd, the Afghanistan War veteran, is tasked with protecting the Home Secretary, Julia Montague. However, after the shocking departure of Julia, all fingers are pointed at him. Finding the actual killer while running away from the police, it’s a tough job, especially when the shocking twists from the flashback and present form a connection. While disclosing all the conspiracy and learning political behavior of Julia, we got addicted to the series.

Bodyguard Series is loved by countless & now fans are excited about the upcoming season. Although the wait has been so long that most of the fans have given up their hope for the second season. To clear the doubt, ‘Is Bodyguard Season 2 happening or not?’ we bring you all the information you need! 

Bodyguard Season 2: Is it happening or not?

First, let’s refresh our blocked memories of the series! Bodyguard is a British television drama series that premiered on BBC One in 2018. Thanks to Jed Mercurio for creating such a thrilling drama. The Political thriller TV series got produced by World Productions as part of ITV Studios for BBC.

The series revolves around David Budd, a former soldier suffering from PTSD who is now working as a specialist protection officer for the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch of London’s Metropolitan Police Service. After a brave act when he’s assigned to protect Julia Montague, he unknowingly gets involved in the political world, which ultimately tries to bite back. The first season got so adored, that fans are dying to know all about Bodyguard Season 2! 

Is Bodyguard Season 2 happening or not?

Over 11 Million viewers watched the Bodyguard season finale on BBC One. While viewers keep adding up. Bodyguard series has been loved massively as a result, Rotten Tomatoes gave the series a 93% approval rating with critical reading, “David Budd (played by Richard Madden), a former soldier suffering from PTSD is now working as a specialist protection officer for the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch of London’s Metropolitan Police Service.” The series has also received numerous rewards & has been nominated for others too. The popularity of the series confirms our doubt that Bodyguard Season 2 is supposed to happen! 

 Mercurio hinted that he could imagine Bodyguard running for as many as four series, “It’s probably fair to say we would probably approach any thoughts of a second series with the idea that it would create an opportunity for a third or fourth.” He also further added that “If the ratings hadn’t been quite so high, then possibly everybody involved including the BBC would have said, ‘Well that was a nice little series, but we’re just going to leave it at that & there won’t be any more’ there’s been such a response that it gives us that opportunity to at least think about doing more.” 

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While we understand David Budd is enjoying his vacation after dealing with such a stressful case and becoming one of the most famous men in London. However, we want more now! Since Bodyguard has been a big blockbuster, we demand to put the series through second-season production.

However, Richard Madden, who played the iconic character of David Budd, has been quite busy. Games of Thornes star is now busy with Citadel filming. We have to wait longer for Bodyguard Season 2. So it is confirmed that the series will return, but the ‘when’ part is still unknown. While we hope the wait will be over by the end of 2024 only & not longer than that! Fingers crossed! Until then, Let us know in the comment section about your thoughts on the second season of Bodyguard!