Bridgerton Season 2: What exactly happened to Edmund Bridgerton?

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“A Bee in Your Bonnet,” episode 3 of Season 2, explains everything you need to know.

On-screen book adaptations are not an easy task, especially if the book series has a massive fan base that has read every chapter of the novel in great detail over the years. The readers have already developed a basic idea about how these fictional characters look, talk, or even wear. That’s the reason when books turn into screenplays, a considerable amount of time is devoted to understanding these characters and making them as accurate as they are in the pages. 

Bridgerton’s book series has 8 novels each featuring one of the eight children of the late Viscount Bridgerton: Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth. The first novel, Duke & I, was adapted into the first season of Netflix’s Bridgerton, released in 2020.

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The series installment was a considerable success. A large viewership was noticed, which has gradually increased throughout one year’s break as the creators were busy making the second season based on the book series second novel called, The Viscount Who Loved Me.

*Spoilers Ahead*

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The series delves further into the lives of these beloved characters, apart from their scandalous romances and social lives. Some of which are, unfortunately, tragic. The series’s premise revolves around Anthony Bridgerton’s plans to find a wife during the latest season, and as Anthony’s present and past take the center of the stage.

We’re learning more about the Viscount’s past life being passing roads with his future in each episode. We know how his father’s death, Viscount Edmund Bridgerton, was one of the most significant and consequential events in his life and how Anthony’s life changed forever when he was appointed Viscount. But one of the most asked questions of this season is mentioned below – 

What exactly happened to Edmund?

The fans were eager to know about this terrific moment which is revealed in episode 3, “A Bee in Your Bonnet,” of Bridgerton Season 2. The third episode begins with a flashback to Edmund Bridgerton’s death. 

In the scene, the late Bridgerton father spends quality time with his eldest child, Anthony (Jonathan Bailey), when he is stung in the neck by a bee, killing him. He collapses to the ground as Violet (Ruth Gemmell), his heavily pregnant wife, rushes toward them, and he is revealed to be dying in her arms.

It is indicated that he had an allergic reaction to the bee sting which eventually led to his sudden demise, sadly no one was able to understand the intensity of the situation and they panicked. 

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It’s among the most emotional scenes of Bridgerton Season 2 for various reasons, including the real sense that it completely changes the course of Anthony’s life and influences his future decision-making process. The scene reveals a lot about Anthony and his perspective on life. His demeanor and attitude from the initial season can be analyzed by the events that caused him to be the way he is now.

When the same situation happens to Kate as she is stung by a bee on her chest later, Anthony seems to have a panic attack, afraid that he will lose someone he cares about yet again to a bee sting. But she turns out to be fine as she is not allergic to the bee’s sting.

She is careful with him, tries to calm him down by understanding his fear, and it’s heartfelt to see her handle his emotions so gently. This is the first time we see them close to each other without any side remarks. It is evident that they are drawn to each other from this very moment. 

The doubts of viewers about whether the new characters will be able to maintain the same intimate tension were answered as Kate and Anthony are uniquely different from other couples which makes their story rather compelling to witness. In every segment of the series when they are exchanging sarcastic and witty back and forth dialogues is fun to watch. 

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Due to his father’s death, Anthony gains his strength and resolve from a young age. The scene with his father, followed by the scene with Kate, sheds new light on why he is the way he is and the trauma that still resides within him. Kate, thankfully, makes it less lonely. 

On the other hand, the supporting characters are important to reveal the plot, Portia decides to attempt to establish Prudence with Lord Jack. Her motivation is to ensure that her family remains prosperous. Later that night, during dinner, as Portia tries to ensure Prudence and Lord Jack’s safety, the Cowpers thwart Portia’s plans. 

Moreover, the main secret that the people of the town aren’t aware of,  Lady Whistledown is well underway as her identity is in danger, and already it brings heaps of potential drama along with it. The subtle approach of this season’s plot is quite interesting to watch as it is refreshing and different from its predecessor. 

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The return of Daphne, the main protagonist of season one isn’t as significant as one would have imagined, and the absence of Simon can be felt whenever she appears on the screen. But, her return proves one thing that she and Kate are much stronger characters and they have a lot of potential to offer in the series. 

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All the episodes of Bridgerton Season 2 are available to stream on Netflix.