BTS’ Jin has second thoughts about changing his name, leaving ARMY in splits

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BTS member Jin often uses his humor and charm to keep fans engaged during his interactions. Now recently, he shared a selfie showing off his latest stunning visuals. While interacting with the ARMY, Jin mentioned losing his lip balm and then responded cleverly to a fan’s wordplay on his name. Not only did he answer the question but was able to win the ARMY over with his quick wit and relatability.

Jin had fans in splits with his signature humor and charm on July 6. The eldest member of the BTS took to Instagram and shared a new selfie from what seems to be a recording studio. Jin showcased his striking visuals in the close-up shot as he was seen dressed casually in a white t-shirt and wired headphones.

Jin’s consideration of his name

It is during his latest conversation with fans that a fan played cleverly with Jin’s full name, which is Kim Seok Jin. The person reportedly asked “Why is Kim Seok Jin Kim Seok Jin? Why is there no i-gin seokjin?” In Korean, “i-gin” means “win,” and “jin” can mean “lose.” Here is how the BTS member gave a witty response, “Shouldn’t it be Kim Seok Igin?” This hilarious response definitely had the ARMY in splits in no time.

A few days ago, there were reports about BTS member Jin appearing on the popular variety show ‘I Live Alone’. However, the latest that we know is that these reports have now been retracted. This has led to a mix of excitement and confusion among fans. It was initially reported on July 2 that the eldest member of the Bangtan Boys would join the show following his much-hyped appearance on ‘The Half-Star Hotel in Lost Island’. However, the South Korean media outlet Jeonmae Korea deleted this information later, retracting their initial announcement.

The retracted update

Jeonmae Korea removed the phrase from its article on June 3 which stated that Jin would be featured on MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’. For the unversed, this variety show offers a glimpse into the daily lives of celebrities who live alone. It also offers an intimate look at their respective routines and personal spaces. The retraction from the media outlet’s side has left fans curious about Jin’s future television appearances.

Earlier updates

It was only around two weeks ago that BTS member Jin returned from his military enlistment. Now, the latest that we know is that the K-pop artist is active on Instagram once again. Not only that but he had also held a session earlier on Weverse to interact with the ARMY. A little while ago, Jin went on to share a new photo of him where he is seen wearing Jungkook’s GOLDEN album’s t-shirt. Now, things turned hilarious when he copied JK’s pose, too. The BTS member also shared details about his ‘amazing’ tennis skills in a new Weverse update.

Jin shared a new video playing the game in a new Weverse update. Right now, the latter has become HYBE’s online platform for idols and fan interactions. He also asked ARMYs in a caption of the video if he is good at playing tennis.