BTS’ Jungkook performs “Seven” at Good Morning America Summer Concert Series

Credit: Instagram

Good Morning America recently announced its Summer Concert Series lineup for July 14, featuring performances from various artists, including BTS’ Jungkook, who will be showcasing his new solo release “Seven.” This news has brought immense joy to American fans, as it marks Jungkook’s first live performance of the song. Alongside Jungkook, artists such as Fitz and The Tantrums, Carly Rae Jepsen, Hozier, Tim McGraw, and Sam Hunt will also be taking the stage.

Jungkook’s “Seven” Promotions

BTS’ Jungkook has been actively promoting his first solo single, “Seven,” through captivating content shared on official social media platforms. A campaign short film and concept photos were released on July seventh, resembling a fashion brand campaign. These visuals showcased Jungkook’s extraordinary talent and heightened anticipation for the new release. In the campaign short film, Jungkook captivated viewers with his presence, displaying his remarkable abilities even in subtle movements, such as riding the rhythm and captivating the camera. The seven-piece concept photo series showcased Jungkook in various styles, including a graphic T-shirt installation with the words “DAYS A WEEK” integrated into the SEVEN logo. With a mature and classic appearance, Jungkook exuded a unique atmosphere, further capturing attention.

BTS’ Billboard Chart Success

Meanwhile, BTS continues to dominate the Billboard charts with their previously released single, “Take Two.” The song secured the 32nd position on the global chart (excluding the US) and the 58th position on the Global 200 chart for three consecutive weeks. In the World Digital Song Sales chart, “Take Two” claimed the fifth spot, while their June 2022 release, “Yet To Come,” re-entered at sixth place. BTS’s popularity remains steadfast, not only through their group activities but also through their individual endeavors. Jimin’s first solo album, “FACE,” achieved impressive rankings, reaching the tenth position on global albums, 46th on top current albums, and 76th on top album sales.


With Jungkook’s highly anticipated performance of “Seven” at the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series, fans eagerly await the opportunity to witness his solo release come to life on stage. Simultaneously, BTS continues to make waves on the Billboard charts, demonstrating their global impact through both group and individual achievements. The relentless success of BTS showcases their unwavering popularity and positions them as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.