BTS’ Suga’s Phuket Vlog Wins Fans’ Hearts; Know More


During his solo world tour for his latest album, “D-DAY,” BTS member SUGA took some time off during the Asian leg to film a vlog in Phuket, Thailand. As he explored the city in his free time, SUGA captured highlights of his experiences and shared them with fans through his vlog. Let’s take a look at the key moments from his Phuket adventure.

Beautiful Phi Phi Island

SUGA started the vlog on a yacht, capturing the breathtaking scenery of Phi Phi Island. Excited for snorkeling, he expressed his love for the island and how he used to snorkel frequently in the past. After a refreshing swim, SUGA enjoyed a yacht ride while sipping on a drink.

Delights of Thai Cuisine

After his sea exploration, SUGA indulged in local Thai food in Phuket. Showcasing his vlogging skills, he shared footage of the various dishes he tried. SUGA expressed his love for Thai food, emphasizing that it never disappoints and is always delicious. He recommended Tom Yum Koong with rice noodles as the best hangover dish to enjoy with a beer.

Watermelon Suga High

During his second swimming session, SUGA encountered the saltiest water he had ever experienced. To counter the saltiness, he enjoyed some watermelons. Fans were enthralled by his visuals and dubbed the moment “Watermelon Suga High,” drawing comparisons to Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar High.” SUGA also visited the Viking cave, known for its bird nests.

Serene Unknown Beach

SUGA stumbled upon a serene and peaceful beach, capturing its tranquil atmosphere. He then visited a local cafe but opted for refreshing coconut water instead of coffee. The vlog concluded with a delightful chat among friends.


SUGA’s Phuket vlog showcased his exploration of Thailand during his D-DAY tour. From the beautiful Phi Phi Island to indulging in delicious Thai cuisine and experiencing the calming beach atmosphere, SUGA shared memorable moments with his fans. His vlogging skills and charismatic presence made the vlog a treat for ARMYs worldwide.