Carleton University Selects D2L Brightspace Education Platform

D2L’s Brightspace platform gets adopted for … D2L, a global learning technology platform has announced today that Carleton University has selected its Brightspace platform after a competitive selection process.

Carleton University’s Associate Vice-President of Teaching and Learning, David Hornsby said “Carleton’s educators are dedicated to delivering the best possible learning experiences to our students and we need to ensure that our suite of educational tools enhances their ability to do so.”

He added that Carleton University is adopting D2L’s Brightspace platform to provide an easy and effective tool to support engaged learning anytime, anyplace for its community.

Carleton has its campus in Canada while D2L will help to align processes to empower all learners with the global accessibility. Carleton required a learning management system that could provide some rich data visualization tools to help instructors oversee the way of students’ interaction with the learning program and how they are performing in courses, that promotes student success.

The company’s analysts who reviewed the Brightspace ascertained the platform as “intuitive and easy to use, yet powerful and more than capable” of meeting complex and diverse needs. D2L met the Carleton demand by affirming the student success and to creating an ongoing partnership.

D2L’s Brightspace platform provides updates and new features that brings reliability for Carleton as these updates and new features gets applied which let outages or Carleton staff hold any responsibility for the debugging and testing the platform again and again.

Carleton University’s Academic Provost and Vice-President, Jerry Tomberlin said “Carleton strives to enable and encourage pedagogical approaches that foster access, inclusion and success.” He added that in the partnership with D2L, “we see opportunities for our instructors, students, staff and community to adopt innovative and impactful ways of supporting teaching and learning,” and; “We are looking forward to working closely with the university to deliver meaningful impact on priorities – access, inclusion, innovation, engaging experiences, and student outcomes.”

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