Chicago Fire Season 12: Will Violet and Carver start dating in the new season?

Chicago Fire Season 12: Will Violet and Carver start dating in the new season?

“I will make it my personal mission to make sure you die behind bars. You don’t want to play with me.”

A lot has happened in the Chicago Fire Season 11 before we start discussing them. To all those who haven’t watched it yet, Spoiler Alert! Betty finally adopted a baby, Julia. While we saw Casey’s dreadful trip to Windy City, we saw the tension between her and Brett, but she was with Dylan.

However, Dylan took a step and broke up with him. Did she go after him? Nopes, she went & proposed to Brett! His answer is still loading. Our couple’s trouble didn’t end there. Looks like the long-lasting couple is having disputes too. Severide has a last-minute OFI training camp, and he didn’t consult with Stella once. Their marriage is surely going to face some hardships, and Stella’s fear is relevant; we all know Serveride won’t leave her & their kids.

Let’s see how the long-lasting couple handle that. Now can we focus on the new couple in town? Although it would have been easy if things were that simple, it seems like a complicated love line is here, and we are gonna get hooked on it. All we get in Chicago Fire Season 12, but we can discuss the possibilities!


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Will Violet and Carver start dating in Chicago Fire Season 12?

Since this is the most asked question, we have to answer this one! Before we do that, let’s take a moment to thank Derek Haas and Michael Brandt for creating such a wonderful series! Chicago Fire is an American drama series focusing on the professional and personal lives of firefighters, rescue personnel, and paramedics at Firehouse 51. Now we have covered the basics, let’s move ahead to discuss the complicated love interest that might play a main role in the upcoming season! 

Chicago Fire Season 12: Will Violet and Carver start dating in the new season?

Now, the might-be couple, Carver and Violet, have gained popularity just by a few interactions. Well, we are aware of Violet’s history with Hawkins. As much as we loved them together, Hawkins’s death shook her. So we’ll understand if she wishes to be single for a while. However, fans want Violet to be happy at the same time. Carver deserves more than a random hookup with Wendy. We know Wendy isn’t looking for anything serious, and Carver is a gentleman who doesn’t deserve to get hurt. TV Line even weighed in, and they noted that the latest batch of episodes does a lot of suggesting.

Chicago Fire Season 12: Will Violet and Carver start dating in the new season?

“We’re starting to feel very confident that we are not reading too much into Carver and Violet’s scenes together.” While there hasn’t been a ton of shared screen time between Carver and Violet, there was some definite flirtation going on in the final episode. So much so that Brett poked fun at Violet for having a crush on Carver. I’m sure it’ll be an interesting storyline with Wendy in the middle & Stella’s growing dependence on Carver (we all saw how she called him in the middle of the night for help). It’ll be interesting to see this couple in Chicago Fire Season 12. 

When can Chicago Fire Season 12 air?

Now that we have covered the possibilities of Violet & Carver happening, we can talk about the Chicago Fire Season 12 release date. The season got renewed on April 10, 2023. But with the Writers’ strike going on, the release date seems like a long shot.

Chicago Fire Season 12: Will Violet and Carver start dating in the new season?
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The announcement listed Fall 2023 as when the series would return, though it isn’t hard to speculate exactly when because of the show’s consistent scheduling. Hopefully, we will get the 12th installment by late September or early October so that we can get our final answers for Violet & Carver’s growing connection! Until that happens, allow us to keep you all posted with the latest entertainment news!