Chicago Med Season 8: What’s next for Dr. Charles in the new season?

Chicago Med Season 8: What's next for Dr. Charles in the new season?
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What is happening with Dr. Daniel Charles in Chicago Med Season 8? Here is everything we know so far. 

The Head of Psychiatry at Gaffney Medical has been a fan favorite over the years. Chicago Med boasts an excellent array of fascinating characters, but the show wouldn’t be the same without Gaffney Medical’s Head of Psychiatry, Dr. Daniel Charles. If you are one of those who want to know more about Darren Ritter, then you have reached the right place!

We’ve compiled a quick rundown of everything you need to know about the character’s arc and plotlines in this new season, which has led to much speculation among the fans. The viewers are probably wondering what Dr. Charles has in store for them as the gang’s resident patriarch.

To answer those questions, NBC Insider spoke with Chicago Med showrunner Andrew Schneider to learn more about Dr. Charles’s journey in Season 8, which is listed below. So you can get a head start, here’s everything we know so far about which direction the creators are taking his character this season. 

Chicago Med Season 8: What's next for Dr. Charles in the new season?

Who is Dr. Daniel Charles?

Dr. Daniel Charles is a psychiatrist who is the Chief of Psychiatry at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center in Chicago Med. He is portrayed by Oliver Platt. Dr. Daniel Charles, the Chief of Psychiatry, possesses remarkable insight into his patients and is off-the-charts intelligent in all subjects but his personal life. Dr. Charles has been assisting people in overcoming their darkest issues since the first season.

Dr. Charles is well-known for his clever one-liners, sound advice, and endearing vulnerability, all of which benefit patients on a daily basis. While Dr. Charles excels at providing a helping hand, he frequently struggles with managing his own difficulties. He has also made several crossover appearances on Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Justice

Chicago Med Season 8: What's next for Dr. Charles in the new season?

Chicago Med Season 8: What’s Next for Dr. Charles in the New Season?

Dr. Charles’ life hasn’t been easy recently, especially since he lost his therapist at the conclusion of the previous season. Season 8 has seen several changes for Dr. Charles, including the introduction of a slew of new doctors at Chicago Medical Center. Dr. Charles is grappling with these changes, and while he was formerly well-versed in the realm of mental healthcare, he soon realises that the industry has changed tremendously. 

Schneider of Chicago Med spoke with NBC Insider on how Dr. Charles’ hunt for a new therapist would represent the shifting tides of American mental healthcare. “Through his own search, we’re going to kind of explore the state of psychiatry in the US now as opposed to when he was coming up in medical school for his residency,” Schneider revealed. “It’s very different now.”

Chicago Med viewers got their first taste of these challenges in Season 8 Episode 3, “Winning the Battle, But Still Losing the War.” The episode begins with Dr. Charles sitting in a therapist’s office, answering an endless lineup of questions. Toward the end of the interrogation, the receptionist reveals that she is not the therapist and the questions are a preliminary measure.

Chicago Med Season 8: What's next for Dr. Charles in the new season?

Dr. Charles then leaves, telling the receptionist to cancel the meeting altogether. Dr. Charles begins to clash with a younger psychiatrist, Dr. Nellie Cuevas, while at work. Moreover, Dr. Cuevas takes a medication-first approach, focusing less on her bedside manner and building trust with her patients.

Dr. Charles slams Dr. Cuevas, stating that textbooks and educational brochures cannot serve as a springboard to grounded psychiatry. While Dr. Cuevas and Dr. Charles apologize and reach an agreement, it is evident that Dr. Charles’ displeasure stems from his own difficulties in seeking dependable healthcare.

Finding sufficient healthcare can be difficult, especially when looking for mental health options. While the discipline has grown, Dr. Charles is finding it more difficult than ever to locate a therapist who is a good fit for a seasoned psychiatrist like himself. Dr. Charles is just getting a taste of the ever-changing field of psychiatry, and viewers can only hope that he gets the help he requires.

Chicago Med Season 8: What's next for Dr. Charles in the new season?

What was Dr. Charles’s plot in Chicago Med Season 7?

In the Season 7 episode of Chicago Med titled “You Can’t Always Trust What You See.” Daniel rebukes Dr. Archer when the latter claims that Daniel is to blame for Dr. Choi’s death since he refused to place the patient on a psychiatric hold. Daniel is called in to consult on the issue of identical twins Emma and Gemma, who insist on being handled identically, including any medical treatments, despite the fact that only one of them has a burst ovarian cyst. 

He labels them as having a severe lack of individuation. He persuades the sick twin to have the operation to remove her ovary by claiming that if her other twin had a kid, it would be the same as both of them having a child because they are genetically similar. When Daniel goes to console the healthy twin while the sick sibling is in surgery, he discovers that they have switched places, and Dr. Archer is preparing to operate on the healthy twin. He dashes forward and manages to halt the process.

Chicago Med Season 8: What's next for Dr. Charles in the new season?

Where can you stream Chicago Med?

Chicago Med is currently available on NBC, fuboTV, Hulu Plus, and Peacock. The series is also available to rent or buy on Amazon Instant Video or Vudu, with a vast number of membership plans according to the preference of the users. Moreover, the series is also available to watch exclusively on the NBC official website, where the episodes are published after they air on the channel on Wednesday nights at the 8/7c time slot. You can also stream Chicago Med for free on NBC or IMDb TV, based on the user’s location. 

Chicago Med Season 8: What's next for Dr. Charles in the new season?

Chicago Med Official Synopsis

The official synopsis of the series states,”Set in Chicago, Chicago Med is the third series in Dick Wolf’s Chicago franchise. It focuses on the emergency department at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center and on its doctors and nurses as they work to save patients’ lives. It sometimes crosses over with characters from Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.

Chicago Med Season 8: What's next for Dr. Charles in the new season?

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