Chicago P.D. Season 11: Who will not return in the new season?

Chicago P.D. Season 11: Who will not return?
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Chicago P.D. Season 10 concluded on a note of high tension. With Ruzek being shot in the intense final episode, fans are left with bated breaths, wondering whether he will be able to fight death or not. And more importantly, fans are largely preoccupied with the question of what could possibly happen in the eleventh season, now that 10th one has ended on such a crucial note.

For those unversed, Chicago P.D. revolves around the personal and professional lives of patrol officers and Intelligence Unit detectives located in the Chicago Police Department’s fictional 21st District. Belonging to a coterie of Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago Justice, Chicago P.D.’s latest season wrapped in May 2023. It was scheduled to return for its 11th run by the fall of this year. However, owing to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, the premiere had to be postponed indefinitely.

Is Chicago P.D. Season 11 canceled?

This exacerbated the fans’ anticipation of knowing whether Ruzek would be back for the 11th run of the show or not. Will this be another major exit from the show after Jesse Lee Soffer, Sophia Bush, Archie Kao, and others?

At the time of writing this article, the creators of the show have not released any official word regarding the exit of Patrick John Flueger’s Ruzek. However, the 10th season finale of Chicago P.D. depicted the extremely terrible state of Ruzek.

Interestingly, certain unaired photos from a hospital scene took flight on X which shows that Ruzek might actually survive this terrible wound. But how authentic these photos are? We are still left to confirm.

In addition to Flueger’s Ruzek, ambiguity also surrounds the character of Jay Halstead played by Jesse Lee Soffer. Soffer remained true to the character from seasons one to 10 of Chicago P.D., only leaving it in episode 3 of season 10.

However, while in conversation with Entertainment Tonight, the actor revealed that he missed acting along with his former Chicago P.D. co-stars. When asked if he would return to the show, he said, “As far as that, never say never.” Does this mean that he might reappear in the 11th season? He may return in a guest star role as far as future episodes of Chicago P.D. are concerned.

Be that as it may, there is no official announcement regarding his character as of now. Speaking to Variety in 2023, Soffer addressed the possibility of him returning to the show. He said that the door is “definitely not” closed.

Adam Ruzek

He added, “I feel so bad for the fans that are like, ‘Is he going to come back?’ ‘What’s he going to do?’ ‘What’s going on with him and Hailey?’ I like to think — and I hope the fans think this too — that he’s just in another country right now, doing what he does best and making the world a safer place. In a family, sometimes somebody moves away or goes to college somewhere else. I still love it. I still love the fans. And I still love Halstead. Halstead’s always going to be in my blood. That’s never going to change.”

As far as other cast members are concerned, we would like to believe that they will reprise their roles in the 11th installment, including Jason Beghe (Hank Voight), LaRoyce Hawkins (Kevin Atwater), Tracy Spiridakos (Hailey Upton), Marina Squerciati (Kim Burgess), Benjamin Levy Aguilar (Dante Torres) and Amy Morton (Try Platt).
Now that the WGA strike is over, we expect the writers to resume their work as soon as possible.

Be that as it may, the cameras won’t begin rolling unless the ongoing actors’ strike also ceases to continue. If it ends by 2023, we can expect the new season to arrive in the first quarter of 2024.

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