Cobra Kai Season 6: Is it renewed or canceled?

Cobra Kai Season 6
Credits: NETFLIX

Is Cobra Kai Season 6 happening? Read on to find out.

With Cobra Kai Season 5 all set to hit Netflix on September 9, Netflix has kept its viewers perched on the edges of their seats, wondering whether there will be Cobra Kai Season 6 or not. Over the years, Cobra Kai has garnered a reputation that runs parallel to that of Lucifer and Money Heist. Since its release as a YouTube Red/Original series, its fanbase has been exponential.

Belonging to the genre of karate dramedy, Cobra Kai is imprinted on the minds of the viewers, especially in the Season 4 finale. With villains like Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) along with Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny (William Zabka), anyone who watched Cobra Kai becomes an instant fan of the show.

Premiering on Friday, September 9, 2022, at 12:00 a.m. PT/ 3:00 a.m. ET, Cobra Kai will surely influence a lot of viewers to stay up all night and binge-watch it. However, once you finish watching it, you’ll certainly ask more of it. So, here’s all the information you’ll need to know whether there is a Season 6 of Cobra Kai or not.

Is Cobra Kai renewed for a sixth season?

Currently, Netflix has not officially announced the renewal of Cobra Kai Season 6. However, it’s too soon to say or predict even the arrival of the sixth season since season 5 has not even premiered yet. Although Season 5 was renewed before season 4 came out, we are still keeping our fingers crossed and waiting for the renewal patiently.

If we take the word of the creators of Cobra Kai, a sixth season will be underway since they planned to have “at least” six seasons. Jon Hurwitz, the co-creator of Cobra Kai, answered a fan on Twitter, clarifying the veil that surrounded the number of seasons Cobra Kai would have.

Cobra Kai Season 6

He tweeted, “We were misquoted in saying there would be six seasons. We’ve often said that we hoped there would be at least six seasons. But we’ll see.”

On the same day, Hurwitz also wrote on Twitter: “All I can say is that we expect more Cobra Kai to come and that the Miyagivere is far from finished.”

No matter how exhilarating this news sounds, the ultimatum rests at the end of Netflix at the end of the day. When it comes to renewing the show for the upcoming season, the streaming giant would have to consider the viewership numbers before any decision is made.

Given the fact that Cobra Kai has always garnered success, it won’t be much difficulty for Netflix to renew the show for the sixth season. So, let’s hope for the best.

Cobra Kai Season 6 Release Date

Since Cobra Kai Season 6 is not renewed yet, it’s too early to predict a release date. However, if we are to guess, it won’t release until mid-2023. But in the absence of an official announcement, all of these are mere speculations.

For more updates on Cobra Kai Season 6, stay tuned!