Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2: Everything you need to know

Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2: Everything we need to know

“Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him and to let him know that you trust him.”

Did you know Criminal Minds: Evolution is also known as the Sixteenth season of Criminal Minds? Well, the revival has made the fans hopeful, and now, we are waiting for Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2! You should also check for official statements issued by verified sources to be informed about the status of the strikes.

Meanwhile, check out the official renewal announcement as shared on the official show’s Instagram handle, quoting, “Wheels up for another season!!! #CriminalMinds”. Allow us to keep you updated!

When can we expect Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 arrival?

Before we start digging further to find out the expected release date, let’s take a moment to appreciate the crew who made the series possible. All thanks to Erica Messer for creating the series. While we should also thanks those who stayed by its side and kept supporting it. Last but not least, thanks to Paramount+ and Disney+ for being its trustworthy streaming channel. Now getting back to the main issue.

As we are aware that the show got renewed early this year, and we had our expectations regarding the release date. However, everything came crashing down as soon as the Writers’ strike began in May 2023. Since the first season aired its finale on February 9, 2023. The show has been getting up slowly, although that slow speed came to a halt when the strikes gained the attention and momentum that it needed.

Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2: Everything we need to know

Since Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 needs a script and writers are busy raising their voices, we believe it’s highly unlikely for the second installment to get aired in 2023. The production, which was expected to be in the middle of filming by now, hasn’t even begun yet. You folks had expectations from the common ground meeting that was supposed to be settling the matter, haven’t gone as planned.

According to TVLine reports, “Winter might be a bit optimistic since a well-placed source tells TVLine that the start of production — originally pencilled in for April, and then pushed to June — is now ‘TBD,’ due to the Writer’s Guild of America strike.”

Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2: Everything we need to know

According to this, we can’t expect Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 to arrive anytime soon. All we can do is hope it arrives in the first half of 2024. This will be the case if the ongoing strikes find some common ground with Production houses. Only if the settlement is done by October or November, then we can expect its release in the first quarter of 2024. Until then, let’s see what we need to be prepared for the upcoming season.

What do we need to keep in mind before watching Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2?

Before we begin, here is a slight warning of a spoiler ahead of you all. Those who haven’t watched the first season finale, watch it first!

Criminal Minds is known for its dark, twisted stories, and it would be unfair to the fandom if the show decides not to have one. Luckily Tanya Giles. The chief programming officer of Parameters has confirmed that the second installment is going to be much darker and twisted! This can indicate that Voit’s character is going to step into his dark era.

Even Erica hinted this in an interview with TV Insider, ” I can’t say a whole heck of a lot about it right now because we are in the writers’ room for this second season and Gold Star is shifting a little bit in our conversations, so I don’t wanna say anything that we then veer away from. But I can say that Voit thinks knowing that phrase is going to be helpful for him in some kind of negotiating.”

Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2: Everything we need to know

That Gold Star mystery might be a major plot in Criminal Minds Evolution Season 2. No matter how many theories we prepare, all we know is the upcoming season is going to rise to the viewers’ expectations. Until then, stay with us to get the latest news!