Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2: Release date estimate, plot, cast and more

Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2: Release date estimate, plot, cast and more
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A critically-acclaimed reboot of the former CBS procedural drama on Paramount +, Criminal Minds: Evolution season one offered its fans a riveting plotline of twists and turns, diving the viewers right back into the world of the BAU. In the course of 10 episodes, the fans caught a glimpse of their beloved FBI agents’ return, including Joe Mantegna’s SSA David Rossi and Paget Brewster as unit chief Emily Prentiss. The first season of the reboot also dovetailed various family storylines including A.J. Cook’s SSA Jennifer Jareau. Additionally, with Aisha Tyler’s Dr Tara Lewis and Kirsten Vangsness’ Penelope Garcia dealing with their relationship problems, and with Adam Rodriguez’s SSA Luke Alvez acting as a support for his fellow teammates, season one has elevated the anticipation for the fans for the subsequent season.

And just to let you know, Criminal Minds: Evolution will be back again for a second season. This means more drama, more relationships, more mystery and more intricacies. Leaving things on such a mysterious note, Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 has promised to entertain fans with even more riveting plotlines, character arcs and mysteries.

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When was Criminal Minds: Evolution renewed for a second season?

'Criminal Minds Evolution' Season 2 Release date Credit Paramount+
‘Criminal Minds Evolution’ Credit Paramount+

First things first. If you’re wondering whether Criminal Minds: Evolution is renewed for a second season or not, then ponder no more, because on January 12th, 2023, Criminal Minds: Evolution was renewed for a second season on Paramount +. Some time later, the show’s official Instagram profile shared a photo featuring Rossi, Prentiss and Tara in the elevator of Quantico. The post was captioned with: “Wheels up for another season!”

The moment the news broke, the chief programming officer of Paramount Streaming, Tanya Giles shared a statement about season 2. Giles said (as per Deadline):

“We’re thrilled to bring even more twisted storylines to our loyal fans of Criminal Minds: Evolution with the order of another season. The series has always been a consistent top performer for Paramount+ and fans have quickly embraced this new season with its more serialized elements. There are still many dark twists and turns yet to come for the BAU this season and we can’t wait for fans to see what’s in store.”

When can we expect Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 to air?

As of now, Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 does not have an official release date. However, actress Paget Brewster shared an exciting update about the filming schedule of the show on February 9th, 2023. She said, “Guys, we are coming back so fast it’ll make your head spin. Because of you! We start shooting in 2 months, thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

According to Good Housekeeping, “At this pace, Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 could premiere in time for Thanksgiving Day 2023, especially if the next instalment sticks to its 10-episode length.”

What can we expect to happen in Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2?

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Credit: Paramount +

Wrap your mind around this: Elia Voit is in the show for a long haul. In February, showrunner Erica Messer disclosed that Voit will undoubtedly prove to be a resource for the team in season 2. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Messer said, “The plan is to have Voit back next season almost as our Hannibal Lecter. And when things come up regarding Gold Star is when we have to go get his help.”

Additionally, the showrunner hinted at some relationship dramas ahead, including a potential love triangle for Penelope (Kirsten Vangsness) Alvez (Adam Rodriguez), and Tyler (Ryan-James Hatanaka). In conversation with Variety, Messer unravelled that with Alvez fully aware of the happenings, “there can be a little bit more of a triangle than we’ve ever really done on the show, in terms of the members being in relationships.” She further added, “We also didn’t want to deny Garcia and Tyler this bond because it does feel special and real.”

Considering Rebecca (Nicole Pacent) and Tara (Aisha Tyler), Messer teased that the road ahead will be extremely emotionally turbulent. Speaking to EW, Messer said, “We would love nothing more than for that to work out, but it won’t be easy.”

The showrunner also unravelled that since the first season focused on one unsub, the fans could expect more hybridity in future episodes. “In the first four episodes so far, two are a little bit serial, and the two are not.”

Who are the cast members of Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2?

'Criminal Minds Evolution' Season 2 Release date Credit Paramount+
‘Criminal Minds Evolution’ Credit Paramount+

A majority of the BAU agents are expected to be back in full force for the reboot. However, season 1 of Criminal Minds: Evolution missed a couple of key characters from the original series, including Dr Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and Special Agent Matt Simons (Daniel Henney). 

According to TVGuide, “The actors were reportedly out due to scheduling conflicts, and the series explained away their absence in the first episode by saying they were “out on assignment.” Since Paramount+ didn’t just kill them off or have them move on, that gives us hope for a potential comeback if schedules line up.”

Back in September 2022, in a conversation with TV Line, Messer revealed that Spencer and Matt “are not gone gone.” She said, “Dr Reid’s and I believe Matt Simmons’ desks are still there, still have stuff on it…” Be that as it may, she also cautioned the fans against skyrocketing their hopes, while speaking to EW:

“I wish that there was some promise that I could make to everybody, but it’s not my promise to keep.”

Be that as it may, we expect the following cast members to be featured in the second season of the show:

  • Joe Mantegna as Senior Agent David Rossi
  • A.J. Cook as Agent JJ Jareau 
  • Aisha Tyleras Dr Tara Lewis
  • Adam Rodriguez as Luke Alvez
  • Kirsten Vangsness as Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia
  • Paget Brewster as Unit Chief Emily Prentiss

Frequently Asked Questions:

'Criminal Minds Evolution' Season 2 Release date Credit Paramount+
‘Criminal Minds Evolution’ Credit Paramount+

1. Where to watch Criminal Minds: Evolution?

The first season of Criminal Minds: Evolution is available for streaming on Paramount+.

2. Are there any spoilers for Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2?

At the moment, a lot has been happening behind the scenes of Criminal Minds. In conversation with Good Housekeeping, actress A.J. Cook shared, “I know they’re already in there, coming up with some story ideas for the second season…It’s exciting. I can’t wait to see what they do next.”

She further added, “Erica Messer, our showrunner, she’s so good at what she does. She’s got a plan and I can’t wait to see it all come together. We’re going to do what we always do — we’re going to take you on a crazy, crazy wild ride with lots of twists and turns.”


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3. Is Matthew Gray Gubler’s Dr Spencer Reid coming back to Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2?

As per Deadline, in February 2022, longtime Criminal Minds cast member Matthew Gray Gubler is not returning as Dr Spencer Reid. This is because Spencer has been reassigned to a top-secret mission with a different FBI unit.