Danke Announces Major Update To Senior Management And Board Of Director

Danke has announced that the company has made major changes to its senior management team and Board of Directors. According to the details, the company has appointed Mr. Yan Cui, who is the President and Director of the company, has been appointed as the company’s interim Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect.

In his new role, Mr. Yan Cui would be responsible for the operations and management of the company, along with Mr. Jing Gao, who is the CEO, Director and Co-Founder of the company.

 Mr.Jing Gao is currently involved in an investigation by the local governmental authorities in certain matters relating to business expansion of the company.

Danke’s powerful and vibrant ecosystem connects the property owners and third-party service providers through an innovative rental services model.

Chairman of the Board, Mr. Derek Shen said, “Driven by its clear vision and strategies, Danke has sustained healthy and rapid growth in the past five years since it was established. Danke’s accomplishments couldn’t have been achieved without the strong leadership of the whole senior management, the collaboration of the experienced business teams, and the Company’s well-established corporate governance mechanisms.”

“Mr. Yan Cui co-founded the Company five years ago and has ever since been responsible for the management and operations of the Company, together with Mr. Gao. Mr. Cui enjoys a great reputation both inside and outside of Danke due to his deep insight into China’s residential rental market, as well as his rich management experience,” Mr. Derek Shen further added.

“We are confident that, during Mr. Gao’s absence, Mr. Cui, working together with the rest of the management team and thousands of our colleagues across the nation, will continue to ensure both near and longer-term success for Danke,” Mr. Derek concluded.

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