Dead to Me Season 3 gets a release date; DETAILS inside

Dead to Me Season 3: Release Date Confirmed for the Finale Season

Attention! Dead to Me fandom Season 3 will be premiering on Netflix sooner than you think. 

It’s been three years since Netflix released Dead to Me on the streaming service. This Emmy-nominated dark comedy series Dead to Me will return for a third and final season later this year. Liz Feldman conceived the show, which was produced by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Jessica Elbaum. 

Dead to Me Season 3: Release Date Confirmed for the Finale Season
Credit: Netflix

Here is everything you need to know about the potential release date, plot, and cast of the series. If you’re one of the fans who can’t wait to watch the next chapter and refresh your memory of the happenings in the series thus far. Continue reading for more information about Dead to Me Season 3.

Dead to Me Season 3 Release Date

It’s happening in the fall of 2022.

It was officially announced in July of 2020 that Dead to Me Season 3 was renewed for another season. Since the series was renewed the fans have been speculating when the official release date for the third season will be announced. Now finally fans can rejoice as some updates are being revealed as the series draws closer to its premiere. 

Dead to Me Season 3: Release Date Confirmed for the Finale Season
Credit: Netflix

Netflix announced on May 3, 2022, that the series would return this fall for its third and final season. The specific release date is currently uncertain, but it will be disclosed soon. However, this is a promising sign that the series is being planned ahead of its release and will eventually be distributed on digital streaming services if no unexpected delays arise for the time being.

Check out the official announcement below:

Take a look at some fans’ reactions to the announcement

Dead to Me Season 3 Filming Updates 

On April 26, 2022, Liz Feldman stated on Instagram that filming for the last season has been completed. She captioned a photo of a chair with the Dead to Me emblem from Laguna Beach, California, as she quoted, 

That’s a wrap on Dead to Me S3! Filming is complete. Editing is underway. The final season is coming. And holy shit… Christina Apple Gate Linda Cardellini, James Marsden, Sam McCarthy, Luke Roessler, Diana Maria Riva, Brandon Scott, Suzy Nakamura all knock it out of the park. So excited for you to see it.”

Take a look at the post below: 


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This comes as a great sign that the series has completed its production and it is definitely heading for its post-production and other developments which may take some time in order to get the best results for the fans to look forward to as it is the series’ final season which means a lot to the people associated with the show and the fans worldwide who have invested their time in knowing these beloved characters. 

Dead to Me Season 3: Release Date Confirmed for the Finale Season
Credit: Netflix

Over the two-season run of the franchise that has left an impact on the viewers around the world who love to watch black comedy series being adapted on screens to meet their expectations and maintain a good amount of viewership. It is a bittersweet ending which hopefully will be concluded in the best way possible without many loopholes. 

Dead to Me Season 3 Plot 

Season 2 left fans with many unanswered questions and a lot of excitement. However, the producers are presently keeping the plot’s details under wraps. The following are some of the most anticipated plotlines that must be resolved in Dead to Me Season 3:

The Aftermath of the Crash – Ben drove through a junction and hit Jen and Judy’s car while on his way to identify his brother’s body. The alcoholic had been drinking whiskey and had run a stop sign. It’s unclear whether he looks like he hit them or if he recognized they were in the car at all.

Dead to Me Season 3: Release Date Confirmed for the Finale Season
Credit: Netflix

Will Jen be arrested by the police? – Jen had surrendered to Detective Perez and was ready to face the repercussions of Steve’s murder. Judy gave Nick, who has been following the case closely, a bag of evidence incriminating Steve and Steve’s dad. She had hoped that Nick would be able to utilize the proof to protect Jen, but when she realized Jen hadn’t formally admitted yet, she had to backtrack. Charlie has the letter, Jen admitted to Perez, and Steve’s death has been discovered; there are numerous web strands that could trace all the way back to Jen’s imprisonment.

Dead to Me Season 3: Release Date Confirmed for the Finale Season
Credit: Netflix

Charlie discovers Judy’s Letter – Charlie discovers a letter written by his mother, Jen, for Judy while checking Judy’s room for weed. It is unknown whether Charlie read the letter, but if he did, he would have heard of Judy’s role in his father’s hit-and-run fatality. With such proof, he would be found not guilty, despite the fact that he is still a suspect in Steve’s absence.

Dead to Me Season 3 Episodes 

Dead to Me Season 3 is scheduled to contain the same number of episodes as previous seasons in order to be consistent with the storyline and pattern. Seasons 1 and 2 each include 10 episodes with a total runtime of 26–34 minutes. We’d like to point out that Dead to Me Season 3 just finished production, thus guessing the exact number of episodes is completely hypothetical at this point because the network hasn’t officially confirmed this information.

Dead to Me Season 3: Release Date Confirmed for the Finale Season
Credit: Netflix

Furthermore, we’d like to point out that the number of episodes may change from time to time if the show’s writers wish to give the viewers a more detailed plotline. As a result, estimating the number of episodes until an official announcement is made is pointless. As a result, fans should keep an eye out for such upgrades, which will be provided soon.

Dead to Me Season 3: Release Date Confirmed for the Finale Season
Credit: Netflix

Which cast members are returning for Dead to Me Season 3?

As of May 5, 2022, the official news about the cast list is not revealed about Dead to Me Season 3. Hence, it is predicted that the original and some recurring cast members of the previous seasons of the series are very likely to reprise their roles in the upcoming season. 

The prominent cast members include the following actors: 

  • Christina Applegate as Jen Harding
  • Linda Cardellini as Judy Hale
  • James Marsden as Steve Wood
  • Max Jenkins as Christopher Doyle
  • Sam McCarthy as Charlie Harding
  • Luke Roessler as Henry Harding
  • Edward Asner as Abe Rifkin
Dead to Me Season 3: Release Date Confirmed for the Finale Season
Credit: Netflix

Is there any trailer for Dead to Me Season 3? 

No, because the show was only recently finished filming. As a result, there is no teaser or trailer accessible for fans to catch peeks of the series’ next chapter and speculate on potential main plotlines. This will be released once the post-production stage is almost completed so be alert when the information drops. 

Until then, check out this exclusive video released by Netflix where Dead to Me’s cast joined Netflix’s Is A Joke for a table read. This video will undoubtedly prompt you to rewatch past seasons in order to refresh your recollection of plotlines you may have forgotten.

Dead To Me - Season One: Episode 1 Table Read | Netflix Is A Joke

Where to watch Dead to Me Season 3? 

When Dead to Me Season 3 premieres, it will be accessible only on Netflix, with all previous seasons available on the digital streaming service with a range of membership options to select from based on the user’s interests.

Dead to Me Season 3: Release Date Confirmed for the Finale Season
Credit: Netflix

Dead to Me Season 3 Official Synopsis

The official synopsis released by Netflix states, “A hotheaded widow searching for the hit-and-run driver who mowed down her husband befriends an eccentric optimist who isn’t quite what she seems.”

While you wait for more Dead to Me Season 3 to premiere, you can binge-watch all of the previous seasons on Netflix.