Dear Child Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

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Quotes like “out of sight, out of mind” look good in books and in an ideal world, but unfortunately, it has even translated into reality today. What happens when someone has spent their life being held captive? They weave their belief systems around it. For them, being held hostage and restricted is the basis of their life. They cannot afford to live free. It is like taking a fish out of the water and putting it in the sand.

And if a woman has escaped from captivity, definitely, an investigation is going to be sparked because this is a serious matter. With police and law enforcement bodies in place, she will hint at how she disappeared 13 years ago and then starts the time-lapse, where the two parallel worlds, two time zones, and two forms of mystery start unfolding one after the other.

Netflix has always been experimental in curating thrillers that involve science fiction. After the success of a series like Dark, it went a step ahead and got a German book adaptation into its mainstream platform. Yes, we are talking about Dear Child, a show that has been loved by audiences, and they have given an 83% Rotten Tomatoes score and a 7.5 /10 IMDb rating. With the show just released recently in September, fans are already curious if this German language show is going to return for another season, and if yes, what can the audiences expect? Here is all we know about Dear Child Season 2 so far.

Dear Child Season 2 Renewal Status:

Dear Child S02
PC: Netflix

Owing to the release of the show being very recent and the audiences just starting to engage with the content, it is unlikely that the show is going to be renewed anytime soon, but the response initially has been good. There are chances that this show can be renewed for a second season. But here is one reason why it might not be.

It is because if the series has stuck to the concept of the novel, the story ends there when the culprit meets their fate by dying, and Lena’s parents get a chance to move on from the death of their child. So, as the show has successfully concluded and is the same as the novel, there are fewer chances for a new season to come out and renewal to be there. However, Netflix has not highlighted the show as a limited series or a mini-series. So we can expect hopes of renewal on the basis that now the plot will be an extension from the makers and will not be corresponding to the novel, which has been the case for many shows owing to their high success rates.

Dear Child Season 2 Expected Release Date:

If the show gets renewed soon, we can expect it to release not before the fall of 2024, at least. That is because, production and post-production need a few months to complete and with the ongoing strikes, most of the renewals and new releases has taken a back seat.

Dear Child Season 2 Cast:

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PC: Netflix

If there is a season two, the following characters can be seen,

  • Sammy Schrein as Jonathan
  • Naila Schuberth as Hannah
  • Kim Riedle as Jasmin Grass
  • Haley Louise Jones as Aida Kurt
  • Julika Jenkins as Karin Beck
  • Hans Low as Gard

Where to watch Dear Child?

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PC: Netflix

The six episodes can be streamed officially on Netflix in German language and English dubbed versions with a subscription. The official synopsis of the final episode reads, “As the pieces of a grim puzzle finally click into place, Gerd and Aida race to prevent history from repeating itself; Hannah makes a special request.”