Dear Edward Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

Dear Edward Season 2: Is it renewed or cancelled?
Credits: Apple TV+

“Sometimes I feel like the crash is still in the field, & it’s never going to stop burning.”

The lone survivor of the plane crash changed the lives of many. Young Edward, who witnessed it, is now known as the only survivor. The boy is unable to open up, while those whose loved ones passed away are going to therapy. Edward is cooped up trying to process everything, although he befriended a neighbor, Zoe. He’s being treated as a celebrity, meaning people greeting the young Edward home while others are going to grieving counsel to accept to passed ones. Dear Edward is a tremendous series so, make sure to hold onto napkins. Fans have shown immense love for the series & the attachment is on that level when fans started asking about Dear Edward Season 2. 

Dear Edward Season 2: Is it renewed?
Credits: Apple TV+

While the first season released its first episode on February 3, 2023, Dear Edward has us hooked since then. It is a drama series that tells the story of people dealing with the losses of loved ones in a plane crash. At the center of the narrative, is the eponymous Edward, the sole survivor rescued from the crash site. Thanks to Jason Katims for blessing our feed with this wholesome series. The series has several main characters like Taylor Schilling as Aunt Lacey, Colin O’Brien as Edward Adler, Robin Tunney as Jane Adler, Audret Corsa as Zoe, Connie Britton as Dee Dee, Idris DeBrand as Kojo, Dario Ladani Sanchez as Sam, etc. Since the series’ first season ended, fans are wondering about the second season. Is the Dear Edward Season 2 renewed, or when will it get renewed? 

Is the Dear Edward Season 2 renewed, or when will it get renewed? 

Young Edward is suffering in his silent way as he struggles to sleep and struggles in his waking hours, & begins to piece together what he ought to make of the rest of his life. The show’s title is drawn from the expectations that society has of Edward — Schilling’s character, Lacey, is constantly receiving letters addressed to her nephew, ones that she hides, worrying that the weight of the world’s hopes for him and curiosity about him will crush what’s left of his spirit. However, we all know how that went! Not indenting to give spoilers, but you have to watch the series soon! 

In an interview with Collider, Jason gave away a process of selecting a story for TV adaptation, stating, “You have to be able to understand what the series would be. The novel works perfectly as a novel & it’s so beautiful, but for me to make a show, I felt like I had to find what the show would be, to do it. It’s a process. I wanted to try to capture the heart of the book is what. Even if all the characters were not necessarily the same, and the plot moves were not necessarily the same, the heart of the story was something that I loved.” Unfortunately, the creator of the show hasn’t mentioned the renewal of the series. So we know Dear Edward Season 2, isn’t renewed yet. 

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The show’s final episode, Shelter’ was released on March 24, 2023. We fans have higher hope for the renewal in the future. It’s been hardly a few hours since we watched the young Edward running away. Let’s just say, we were hardly able to control our tears at the end. He finally opened the hidden letters which made his heart heavy was a worth-it scene, especially when Lacey was searching everywhere for her nephew. Hoping to hear about the renewal of Dear Edward Season 2 super soon, fingers crossed!