Death Note Season 2: Everything we know so far

Death Note Season 2
Credits: Madhouse

Fans have been crazy about this Japanese manga series illustrated by Takeshi Obata and written by Tsugumi Ohba since its release back in aired October 2006. This 37-episode anime television series was so popular that fans have been waiting eagerly for its next season for 14 years now. But studio Madhouse, the studio that produced the popular anime, has always remained tightlipped about the renewal since then. But there’s some smoke about the renewal of Death Note Season 2.

So, let’s find out if Death Note Season 2 is happening or not.

Death Note Season 2

Will there be Season 2 of Death Note?

This one of the biggest and most successful anime ever created has made its fans wait a lot, but now there is some news that it may actually return with Death Note Season 2. However, the news is still not confirmed. Therefore, the renewal status of Death Note Season 2 still stands pending. According to what we have heard, the anime series took so long to return with its sequel basically because it exhausted all its source material of 108 chapters collected in 12 tankōbon volumes in the adaption of the first series.

Death Note Season 2 Release Date

As there is still no confirmation about the renewal of Death Note Season 2, we don’t have any release date with us. But we will surely let you know about it as soon as there is some official announcement regarding the same.

Death Note Season 2 Trailer

We don’t have a trailer for Death Note Season 2 with us just yet. But we will make it available to you as soon as it is released. Till then, you can watch the trailer of Death Note Season 1 here:


What is the expected plot of Death Note Season 2?

The series focuses on Light Yagami, a teenage genius who discovers a mysterious notebook, “Death Note,” which is a magical artifact. This book has been dropped in the path of this boy by the God of death, and it becomes a great responsibility for him as to how he handles it as any name that is written in the book would suffer the fate of death.

He later finds a way of using the book in a good way and tries to free the world of people he deemed immoral. But all these things do have their consequences and we see our protagonist being shot by Matsuda trying to write names down on strips of paper from the Death Note he had secreted in his watch and ultimately dying of a cardiac arrest.

Although we don’t have any confirmed plot for Death Note Season 2, we are expecting that with both of the first season’s protagonists dead this season might either be a completely new story or may take inspiration from several existing prequels or sequels of mangas.

Death Note Season 2 Expected Cast

Death Note season 2 Everything you need to know about

The cast of the show includes:

  • Yagami 
  • Sachiko Yagami 
  • Ryuuk
  • Ayako Yoshino 
  • Kiyomi Takada 
  • Watari
  • Yagami Souichirou
  • Amane Misa
  • Yagami Sayu
  • Kanzou Mogi 
  • Sanami
  • Shuuichi Aizawa 
  • Matsuda Touta
  • Rem
  • Demegawa
  • Hirokazu Ukita 
  • Sakajo, Ryotarou
  • Saeki

But as for any other such series we expect that only a small number of characters and their original voice actors would be returning for Death Note Season 2. So, don’t be surprised if you see a whole new cast for this second season of Death Note.

Death Note Season 2 Fandom

Fans are really excited for the new season and are eagerly waiting for Death Note Season 2. Here’s the proof.

Let us know how excited are you for Death Note Season 2’s renewal in the comments section below.