Derry Girls Season 3: When is it coming to Netflix?

Derry Girls Season 3
Credits: NETFLIX

Who doesn’t love a drama which involves girls, friendships, love angles, but with a twist of religion? We all have grown up in a society where religion is considered to be the opium of the masses, says Karl Marx. In such a situation, people are so driven that they often forget to enjoy the small aspects of life. Religions have their own set of rules that bind people, especially women.

There are specific rules that are given to girls on how to dress, speak, behave and even love. Now, this one particular show tries to capture the beauty of rules and being a teenager very effectively. Because once a teenager is always a rebel. They want to explore new things and understand them from their own lens. But what if they are bound by the rules and rather orthodox policies of religion?

Derry Girls is a show that came on Netflix in 2019 and has been a sensation ever since. The reason is simple. The show was loved for the simplicity and the sarcasm with which it deals with the entire subject of being a girl, that too in the 90s in Ireland, along with the spice of being a Catholic studying in a Catholic High School.

Derry Girls Season 3 has begun its premiere in the UK, and now we need to see if it is on Netflix yet for all of us to watch.

So here is all we know so far about Derry Girls Season 3 and its Netflix release date.

Is Derry Girls Season 3 on Netflix?

Derry Girls Season 3
Credit: Channel 4

No, unfortunately, the show is not available to stream on Netflix worldwide, especially on Netflix US. It is because until and unless all the six episodes have been aired in the UK, there is no chance that we would have it on the Netflix screens in the US and other countries likewise. So there has to be a considerable wait that has to be done by the fans. 

When will Derry Girls Season 3 release on Netflix?

Soon enough is all we can say, but there is no official release date. We are expecting that the last episode might air in the mid of May in the UK, and only after the season is complete it will be appearing on Netflix US. So until then, we all just have to wait. But there are high chances that it will happen by the summer of 2022.

Derry Girls Season 3 Release Date


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Derry Girls Season 3 premiered its first episode, titled The Night Before, on April 12, 2022. You can watch it on Channel 4.

When is the next episode of Derry Girls Season 3 releasing?

Episode 2, titled The Affair, is all set to release on April 19, 2022.

Derry Girls Season 3 Trailer

It’s been quite a while since Channel 4 released the trailer of Derry Girls Season 3. Check it out below.

TRAILER | BAFTA-WINNING Derry Girls | Series 3 | Channel 4 Comedy

Derry Girls Season 3 Cast

  • Erin Quinn played by Saoirse-Monica Jackson 
  • Clare Devlin played by Nicola Coughlan 
  • Orla McCool played by Louisa Harland 
  • Michelle Mallon played by Jamie-Lee O’Donnell 
  • James Maguire played by Dylan Llewellyn
  • Sister Michael played by Siobhan McSweeney
  • Father Peter played by Peter Campion

Derry Girls Recap

Derry girls season 3 2

Derry Girls is named so because of the place it began from ‘Derry’ and throughout the three seasons, it tries to look at the lives of four girls who are teenagers. And they are in a Catholic school. Now the time we are talking about is the 90s, and people were very particular about culture, freedom, and expression, especially when it came to women. It was expected of women in Ireland to be a specific way. But these girls were just there to break all the norms.

There have been multiple instances where they have gone against all odds just to make sure that they are different and that they have a life that is something worth being spoken about. They also have a friend who is a guy named James, and that was something that was very unacceptable in the Catholic norms during that period of time to have friendships or maybe even romantic interests before marriage.

Derry girls season 3

But the feelings these girls shared were pure doting friendship, which was again way too expressed, a trait of boldness-which again was against the culture. The show has used wonderful Dark Comedy to talk about issues that can never be spoken about seriously otherwise.

But this show also captures the political aspects very beautifully. It shows us the disturbances that were happening in North Ireland at that time with all the neighboring countries, especially in terms of the dominance which was being imposed on it and how it’s overcoming that turmoil. And that is metaphorically being expressed through these characters as well, how they are coming over their turmoil of coming to age, and how the country in itself is now going to come out of it and be born again, be liberated, and be free just like these free-spirited characters. A very beautifully crafted show. We all eagerly look forward to what the finale of season three will have.

Will there be a Season 4 of Derry Girls?

Derry Girls Season 3

We are hoping that there will be a Season 4 of Derry Girls. But we cannot say anything until we see the finale of Derry Girls Season 3 that might appear in May. But until now, there are high chances from how the storyline has been going that until and unless these four girls are together, everything can still be a mess, and have a new season to clean up their mess. 

Where to watch Derry Girls Season 1 and 2?

The show is officially available on Netflix. Seasons 1 and 2 have six episodes each, with a run time of around 45 minutes to 55 minutes.
A fun fact. The show has been very famous among the audiences. It has an IMDb score as high as 8.1, which is very good for a web series that is from a specific region such as Ireland.
So, you can binge-watch the previous two seasons of Derry Girls while you wait for Derry Girls Season 3 to hit Netflix or can watch the new season on Channel 4.