Diego Martin Gabriel: Age, height, zodiac sign and everything else you need to know about the Elite actor

Diego Martin
Credits: Diego Martin/Instagram

Did you love the Spanish drama Elite? Binge-watched the complete Season 5 in one go? Can’t get over the excitement yet? Of course, the answer is a yes, unless you are living in a bubble. Every one of us was blown away by whatever we saw in the five seasons. However, the person whose stellar acting impressed us the most is Benjamin Blanco. It explains his huge fan following around the world.

The popular Spanish drama witnessed multiple shocking plot twists, fateful encounters, acrimonious relationships, and heartbreaking deaths of some popular characters by the end of the last season. It is one of those series that keeps the jaws remain on the ground from the beginning of all events till the end. For the unversed, Diego Martin plays the role of Benjamin Blanco, who is a thorn in the side of many characters in the thriller teen series. However, he is a gem of a person in real life, and we will be throwing some light on this Spanish actor here, and we are sure you will be excited.

The Spanish actor’s real name is Diego Martin Gabriel. He was born on September 21, 1974, in Madrid, Spain. He is 47-year-old. Did you know that he is the grandson of the popular poet Francisco Javier Martín Abril? In his early days, Martin enlisted for a degree in law but dropped out to try his luck in acting.


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Diego Martin’s Instagram

The actor’s social media handles are nothing less than inspiring. You will be impressed immediately after opening Diego Martin Gabriel’s Instagram account, which goes by the name @mrdiegomartin. The first thing that strikes your attention is the caption that reads, ‘actor, more or less.’ Currently, Martin has 132000 followers on his Instagram handle. Since his stint in Elite, the number of followers has comparatively increased because of obvious reasons. What excites us is the aesthetically pleasing handle which is filled with the polaroid of his life.

His last Instagram post is a still from the Spanish drama Elite itself!

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Diego Martin’s Zodiac Sign

Diego Martin is a Virgo, which basically explains why he is so smart, charming, and has a killer personality. Virgos, just like Leos, are known for their charisma, and so does Diego Martin. They are usually very hardworking and intelligent, and we can expect the same from our handsome man Martin. Other personality traits that separate Virgos from all the others is rational thinking and giving their best bet always attitude. No matter what, you will find a Virgo pleasing people with their skills and craft, of course, looks, too, and this is exactly what Diego Martin has been doing thus far.


Diego Martin’s Height

The actor is reportedly 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Diego Martin Gabriel has worked in multiple popular films and series. One of his most talked-about works is in Elite, where he plays the role of Benjamin Blanco. Are you aware of his first-ever role? The actor grabbed his first stable role in Periodistas, a TV series that was released in 1999. Some of his other notable roles include Velvet, Velvet Coleccion, The Alienist, Supernormal, Three Steps Above Heaven, Hermanos & Detectives, De Moda, Policias, etc. Although he has worked in various films, Martin is mostly known for his popular roles in prime-time television series.