Disenchantment Part 5: Everything you need to know

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“I thought I would get married for true love, or because I was wasted,” says our favorite Princess Bean.

Have you ever wanted to disappear or dispose of the world at hand and go somewhere else? Did you also want to alter your reality and just, for some time, live in the land of fantasy, like in the Disney movies or Jumanji?

The world sometimes can be a nasty place to be in, it takes more than it gives. But to save us and help us disassociate, God gave us sitcoms. Now as the word suggests they are comedies you can binge-watch for their shorter in length episodes, a very catchy free-flowing story, and the best part, connectable characters. But how about an animated sitcom? Comparatively new isn’t it? Or maybe, not. We have seen quite a few of those.

Disenchantment part 5
Credits: Disenchantment/Twitter

But one such show that has taken OTT by storm for a few years now and is maybe back with a Part 5 or a third installment is something you should be looking forward to. Yes, we are talking about Disenchantment Part 5, and here’s everything we know so far about it.

Will there be Disenchantment Part 5?

It is important to note, that the show has always come out as parts, as in, one season is divided into two parts, so if there is a renewal for Season 3, there will be Parts 5 and 6, which can be a relief for the fans as they want to have more of this sitcom. 

The uncertainty here is, there is no status of renewal by the production house. Now, this makes it difficult for us to know if the show has already ended or will be back with a surprise. As Season 2, was announced 1 month after season 1 premiered, we need to wait till summer to find out more updates on the status of Disenchantment Part 5 because at the end of the day it all depends on the numbers Part 4 grosses.

But let’s be honest, who doesn’t want more cuteness of this sitcom?

Disenchantment Part 5 Expected Plot

Well if there is a new season, it will answer all the cliffhangers. For starters, it will tell us how Bean is left alive and what happened to Elfo and Luci, her best companions. We also need to see what happens with her new love interest, the mermaid.

How many episodes will be there in Disenchantment Part 5?

Every season comes in two parts, and every part with short 10 episodes. So, basically, if there is a Season 3, or specifically a Part 5, at all, we would have 20 episodes with 10 each released in parts 5 and 6, respectively.

Disenchantment Part 5
Credits: Disenchantment/Twitter

Disenchantment Cast

The show has Abbi Jacobson as our Princess Bean, the sarcastic, moody, and the one with good timing for her dialogues

We have DiMaggio as the King apart from Nat Faxon as the Elfo. For those who do not know him, remember the Netflix movie ‘Yes Day’?

We have Matt, Tress, and Jeny Batten as well in various other roles, among many others.

Where to watch Disenchantment Part 1 to 4?

Disenchantment Part 1 to 4 is available on Netflix.

Disenchantment part 5
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Why there might not be a season 3?

Let us say sitcoms, especially the animated ones, have been famous recently with the coming of various shows in the genre, the problem is- the audience is limited, there is no data to say how famous and streamed was Season 1 in comparison to Season 2. Season 2 was on Netflix’s Top 10 charts for a while till the numbers started dropping out. The show has a 7.3 rating and a good Google viewer percentage but, is that enough to put in more money for a new season? Well, only the makers would know. Until then, let’s hope for the best.

What else to watch if you liked Disenchantment?

Rick and Morty is a classic show, to begin with, if you are new to this genre. The Simpsons is another classic and can always be on your list.

Whether Disenchantment Part 5 would be there or not is unknown, but we do know for sure, such classic shows can be binge-watched any number of times, starting from any episode number, without worrying if you missed any part of the story or not. So how about having this light-hearted comedy of an alcoholic princess, her loyal elf, and her cute demon on your Netflix list this week?